DJIX motor X configuration for HEXA & OCTOCOPTER

Default DJIX motor configuration available for quad copter. For HEXA & OCTOCOPTER is not available.
Long ago randy made new thread to make motor configuration for HEXA rotor also.
Is this firmware released?


I think that many of the very new motor configurations are not included in Copter-4.0.3. To keep the stable versions stable we don’t backport all changes that go into master into the stable release. Normally we focus on the important bug fixes.

Copter-4.0.4 will likely include all the latest frame types though. I think we will start beta testing that version within a month and it will need to go through an extended beta period (probably about a month).

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Hey Randy,
Did the motor configurations (specifically DJIX) make it into 4.0.4? Don’t see anything about it in the release notes. Thanks.

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