DJI-HDL protocol in Ardupilot?

(My build consists of LUX H7 FC + Air Unit + DJI Transmitter + DJI goggles+ Ardupilot)

newb here, this might be a stupid qustion, but is there a way to make DJI’s sbus baud fast protocol work in ardupilot? I know that in betaflight you use # set sbus_baud_fast = ON, is there an equivalent for ardupilot, or am I just being too greedy?

Not currently supported as far as I know but looks fairly trivial to add if someone has time.
Betaflight pr: Added rx configuration for DJI_HDL receiver by jerryxin123 · Pull Request #7881 · betaflight/betaflight · GitHub

Thanks for the reply, what would be the proper channel to request it so someone can see it and hopefully take it on?

Raise as an issue in GitHub is best.