DJI F550... PIDs?!

Hi everybody! :smiley:
I’m trying to get my DJI F550 (aka FlameWheel) working nicely with the APM 2.5…
It does strange things: the most annoying one is caused by the throttle! The hexa keeps wandering vertically, up and down for about a meter o so. Also, all the commands behave very strangely: if moving the sticks lightly the copter moves slowly and lazily, but if pushing the sticks almost all the way down, it becomes nervous and fast. :imp:
I suppose it’s a PIDs problem (i’m using the default ones), but I only found a guide for an old version of the Mission Planner… What can I do? Also, if someone has an F550, could he please post his actual PID settings?

Thank you all :smiley: :smiley:
Have a nice day :wink:

Nobody, seriously?
My APM will never fly :cry:

It might be best to post over at our sister website: DIY Drones:

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction :wink:

I had the same Problems.
Here my PID’s for F550, Motors AXI 2217/20 840KV, Akku 5000, 4S, Total Wheith 2000 gr.

Stabilize Roll/Pitch P= 4.0 Loiter Speed P=0.8
Rate Roll/Pitch P=0.1,I=0.0,D=0.0040
Throttle Accel P=0.5,I=1.0,D=0.0
Throttle Rate P=3.0, D=0.0
Alt_Hold = 2.0

The rest are Default.

A lot of People Reports good flight results, but don’t help with practical Infos.