DJI Datalink 900mhz with 3DR Radio

Has anyone heard of using the DJI Datalink 900mhz radio to link up to a 3DR (or RFD 900) radio on the vehicle?

I cannot figure out the settings for the DJI (net id, etc) and am not able to connect to it on the COM port through mission planners config utility so I have not even been able to get very far, but I am sure someone out there has tried this…


It is not likely to get those two different radios communicate with each other.
There likely will be a lot of subtle differences in the frequency hoping patterns, hoping speed, AES key, address mask, channel bandwidths + more.
When I heard that DJI was discontinuing support for the ground station because it relied on google earth which was being discontinued by google, I decided to see if I might be able to re-purpose the radio modules inside my LK900 data-link, but DJI had removed [scratched] off the FCC ID marking on the radio modules and there is no FCC label on the exterior.
I had hoped if I could find out the make & model of the internal module that I would be able to change the parameters to make them operate in a general purpose manner.
That said; never say never, but the time and effort required seems like it would out weigh the return aside from the honours of a hacking victory.
I may yet try to crack that ‘egg’ open if I find out details about internal radio module.