DJI Ace One autopilot

Greetings, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I know Ace One is not actually Ardupilot.

A few years ago I was given two RC Helis from my workplace, a Raptor 50 and a JR Propo GSR260.
The Raptor was and still is fitted with a DJI Ace One autopilot. As far as my research has shown, the Ace One was DJI’s top of the ranch traditional helicopter autopilot.
But since they have now discontinued it, I an unable to find a way of making use of all its features, such as waypoints. The only thing I can do with it, is be stabilizing.
Does anyone here know something that I am missing, or do I have an expensive paper weight?

Thanks in advance,

hello and welcome,
as I remember there was a special Groundstation Hardware from DJI for communication between FC and Groundcontrol Software. Waypoint Mission wasn’t very useful. Just for simple hopping around. Without DJI Software and Bridge u can only fly in stable Hover with GPS support. Thats all. Firmware Software Hardware is not longer under Support by DJI.

Yes, I did once purchase the 2.4GHz ground link from somewhere,it took me a while to find one. But as far as I was aware, the ground link should come with a code to unlock the ace one allowing the way point system. After a few emails between myself and the supplier we decided to send it back for a refund. I have also tried getting one off Dji but they just say they can not help as its unsupported.
I will leave the ace one on my raptor for now and build an autopilot system for the gsr then.