Diy quad spins on yaw axis

As soon as quad lifts off it starts to spin to right on yaw axis and using trim or moving stick will not effect spin
Use Mission planner to Setup and calibrate pixhawk cube2.1 all motors And ESC correct and calibrated, props on Correct, not sure if parameters are correct or need changing ,
Any thoughts

Is order and direction correct in Mission Planner Motor Test? 90% of these problems are motor order or direction.

Yes , preformed motor test in MP and check direction many times
It’s got me baffle, I have set up other quads and never had this Issue,

OK, post a link to .bin log file, let’s see what’s up. You definitely don’t want to us trim to correct it.

And not to belabor the point or insult your intelligence but you saw the note about motor order on the Motor Test page and/or followed the link explaining it? It’s just that so many times this is still the problem.
A=Front Right-ccw
B=Rear Right-cw
C=Rear Left-ccw
D=Front Left-cw

Hey thanks , but found the problem, went back to do setup again and found that H frame was selected and should be X, now the spinning has stopped , flying ok now
One other thing is my battery voltage is not showing up in MP it shows battery volts as 0.0 but battery is 11.4, have the battery monitor set up with a Mauch power mod , it was working ok , but I got caught up on the spinning out of control issue and not sure what caused this

Any idea what would cause this


Did you set the Battery Monitor sensor type to Other and reboot?

When I rebooted the FC it did show voltage
With a 3s 6000mah battery charged to 12.2, after 2 or 3 minutes Of flight the quads alarm battery failsafe and MP shows battery volts at 9.2 and once down the battery shows 11.5, I’m using a Mauch PM
I recharged the battery got the same results

Sounds like the battery or connectors are bad. Immediately after flight check if connectors or ESCs are hot.
I guess you did set these, or at least similar:

Need a .bin file to tell any more.