Disarm immediately after arm

We have a quad of about 10kg that lately was updated to 4.1. We kept all the old settings and rerun an autotune and it flies really well. >One problem popped up tough, about every other arm it disarm instantly. I have to arm it 2-3 times before it stays armed and lets me takeoff. No errors show up. >Any hint to where to look?


Strange - would need to see a bin log with LOG_DISARMED set

Yes i know, will do it, was just hoping someone had something similar when switching to 4.1


It could be that a terrain failsafe is triggering. So perhaps you’re attempting a takeoff in Auto with the takeoff altitude set to terrain but the rangefinder is out-of-range (sometimes). This is a guess of course.

Thank you for your help but it does it in loiter, alt hold and stabilize.

May be DISARM_DELAY low?

Looking at it now, thanks.

Was at 2 seconds, will test 4 seconds.

Looks like raising from 2 to 4 seconds DISARM_DELAY solved the prob.


Good find.
We use DISARM_DELAY,5 and I think the default was 10

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