Disabling all autonomous features


I am participating in a design competition where I am using ArduPilot for telemetry and stability. Use of autonomous flight is strictly prohibited. Is there any way to disable these features and prevent them from being accessed in during flight either from mission planner or the transmitter. Can anyone help? I am using a Pixhawk v1.


i think you would need to do a custom firmware to completely remove auto stuff. You could i guess just not fit a gps, that would lock you out of most stuff, it will still attempt to RTL tho for example.

Seems like a stupid rule to have.

Why don’t you just set the roll and pitch gains to 0 and disable all failsafes? Maybe even THR_MAX to 0 or even enable passthrough on all channels instead of setting the servo functions properly.

I think those methods would get rid of all automation.

that would be also my way