Direct joystick input to arduplane.elf?

I need to do some SITL testing with the use of a USB connected transmitter.

As far as I can tell the current SITL process requires the transmitter to be connected to a MAVLink client (generally a GCS) which results in considerable delay between transmitter inputs and model reaction.

I have another problem as well. I’m running MissionPlanner on Linux via mono and there is no way to connect joysticks to MissionPlanner on Linux.

I’m thinking of writing a module that sends joystick channels signals directly to the arduplane sitl elf executable. Has it already been done ? Thoughts ? Advice ?

No comments on this ?

I was thinking I would mod, for my own use, ardupilot -> libraries-> AP_HAL_SITL->RCInput.cpp and .h.

The joystick can be read with a non blocking jstest call in Linux.

Am I on the right track ?