Digital Data Link

I switched over to the pixhawk not long ago and love the capabilities it has to offer. One thing I would like to do is run an IP based system for comms and video. Does anyone know if the Micro Hard systems would work? The link below is the digital data link from Micro Hard. I talked to a guy over at Micro Hard and there saying it has the pin outs I need but wasn’t sure if the pixhawk would talk. I would have to know if there is serial or Ethernet access available off the pixhawk.

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Hi swhitney,

Here you can find the Pixhawk’s pin assignments: … ssignments

So by looking at the pin assignments the Pixhawk should be able to get comms through the serial port rather than the Telm port?

The Pixhawk’s serial ports will have communication using the mavlink protocol

Please let me know if this answer your question.

Okay so from what your saying is that Mission Planner will not run through serial?

When I wired other autopilots that used serial I just used TX, RX and Ground. Is this the same for the Pixhawk?

I would then use pins 2, 3 and 6?

Will my Buad rate still be 57600 or will I need to lower to 19200?

Thank you for your help.

SERIAL 4/5 port – due to space constraints two ports are on one connector.

1 (red) VCC +5V
2 (blk) TX (#4) +3.3V
3 (blk) RX (#4) +3.3V
4 (blk) TX (#5) +3.3V
5 (blk) RX (#5) +3.3V
6 (blk) GND GND

Yes, you can use only Tx, Rx and GND, the Tx and Rx signals are 3.3V, the baud rate is 57600, the serial communication will be established but the data will be mavlink messages.