Differential Spoilers only three move with aileron input

I’ve recently picked up a FX-79 buffalo flying wing (2 servos per side) that i’ve seen many people set with differential spoilers and crow brake mixes, however when i try to follow the guide and the next couple of pages that follow this one here http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/differential-spoilers.html and after a few hours of going through similar github issue posts, reversing channels, swapping servo leads, i’m stumped.
the biggest issue is that only three of the servos move with aileron input instead of all four and two are going the wrong way but elevator makes all four travel the right way and yaw makes them crow the correct way (inner down, outer up)
I’ve been swapping settings back and forth and reversing so long now my brain hurts lol maybe someone else may know what I’m missing.
I haven’t even attempted to get crow braking working with all four yet nor do i know how to do that with the differential spoiler mixes selected as the documentation on crow braking shows to be set up with flaperons instead.
Update: I now have reversed the elevator in the radio calibration tab and swapped the two servo leads on the left wing and everything moves in the correct direction, but still only 3 move with aileron. is this normal? i’d like to have around 25% throw on the inner elevons for aileron/elevon control and full throw for yaw crowing and now how do i get the outer ones to go up and the inner ones to go down for crow brakes?