Difference between MOT_PWM_MIN / MAX vs. Servo5_MIN / MAX commands?

In a single copter the four flaps are on CH1-4_OUT. Their min / max / trim are programmed by the Servo1-4_MIN / MAX / TRIM parameters.

The Motor is on CH5_OUT. Consequently I was assuming that motor’s min/max are programmed by Servo5_Min / Max parameters.
I can see that MIN and MAX PWM values at CH5_OUT don’t correspond to the Servo5 parameters but rather to MOTOR_MIN / MAX.

So my question is: what SERVO5_MIN and MAX do in a single copter, and how it differs from MOTOR_MIN and MAX?
I suspect that Servo5 parameters do not control the main motor so can be disregarded altogether. I think Servo5 can be assigned to anything but to the main motor. Main motor is controlled by the MOTOR_x parameters only.
If not, I need to understand the difference between the two. Could anyone confirm this?

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Disclaimer: I might be not completely accurate, but seem to be close enough to the truth.

The item 6c) in the list of 4.2 release notes says that everything that is a motor will use MOT_PWM_MIN and MOT_PWM_MAX.

Regarding SERVOx_FUNCTION, which assigns functions to outputs, “a motor” corresponds to, I believe, a list of functions which are known to be motors. If your function is one of these, it will use MOT_PWM_MIN and MOT_PWM_MAX. Otherwise, it will use the corresponding SERVOx_ limits.

Since you can re-assign functions to outputs in essentially whatever manner you like, SERVO5_PWM_MIN just sits and waits until you assign a non-motor function to the fifth output.

Thank you Max. The list of 4.2 release notes is priceless.
I was assuming that when a single copter frame is selected, SERVO5 was assigned a proper motor for that frame. I was clearly wrong.

I see so many changes to 4.2 - that explains why I no longer can input or change the FILT parameter under Extended Tuning. Neither can I set RC7 and RC8 Opt in Extended Tuning.