DF log download problem

My Quad 250 is running Revo (regular, not mini) which has no SD card, so the setting (see attached) for LOG_BACKEND_TYPE is 4 (log to board dataflash) and so far there has been no problem downloading DF log. But recently I got error message on “error renaming file” (see attached).

The log path is the default C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner\logs, which creates no problem when I download another quad running Pixhawk, except that LOG_BACKEND_TYPE is 1(log to SD card file) as the Pixhawk has a SD card.

I also got a message in the “Message” tab of MP which says “Chip full, logging stopped”. Because of this message, I increase the LOG_FILE_MB_FREE from the default of 500MB to 900 MB. Am waiting for next time to fly to test if this will solve the downloading problem. Nor sure if the renaming is related to the MB capacity of the board data flash, also not sure by chip full, does it mean board DF is full ? If yes, what can I do to clear the DF ?

Appreciate your help.

It looks to me like a file of the same name already exists.

In your data flash logging space there should be a text file that keeps the latest log file number.
When you delete old logs, keep that file there with the latest number in it, so when the next log file is created it doesn’t start over from number 1

Thank you for your reply, Shawn.

Please tell me where the data flash logging space is located.

And when I delete old logs, do you mean the log files in the C:\Program files \Mission Planner \logs \quadrotor \1 ?
In this location, I cannot find the latest log file number. Pls clarify.

Anyway, after your last email, I did 2 things :–

  1. Delete all the log files in C:\Program files \Mission Planner \logs \quadrotor\1, as I got a hugh amount of log files there,

  2. Increase the LOG_FILE_MB_FREE from the default of 500 to 900 MB.

I tried again today, the downloading works fine. I don’t know which one thing I did help, or both.


I meant the memory (or SD Card) on the flight controller - the text file is there and it keeps the last log number.
You might be able to see it in the mavftp section.
Maybe when deleting logs from the FC, delete all but the latest one.
I don’t have one of those small FCs to try it myself.

No wonder I can’t figure out…the Revo FC is not equipped with SD card, that is why I set the LOG_BACKEND_TYPE to 4,
ie. log the file to board’s DF.

Anyway, I solve the problem. Thank you,