Device Disarms by itself?

hey all so just finished building my quad. I have small question: when i arm board i get my motor spinning all good, but if i have USB plugged in, in about 30 sec i get board automatically disarming itself and i loose control, is that normal?

Yes, if your throttle is zero, device disarms itself.

hmm, no fun, what if i landed and want to take off? i need to go unplug battery again?
if there any way to control disarm procedure?

If you land and it disarms, just rearm with the throttle down left. You don’t need to disconnect the battery.

oh that’s good :slight_smile: i did not know i can arm like that

small question: does APM as electronic part suppose to keep calibration data? like radio config, when power is removed? Basically i can not fly, getting to flip over all the time. I thought that’s issue with ESC so i was calibrating it but when i unplug battery for ESC calibration i think i loose my APM radio configuration :frowning:


I’m almost ready to launch my quadcopter. Never flown an R/C before! Lots of Googling though.

Question1: If I cut the throttle to zero IN FLIGHT, does the system disarm?
Question2: I read that if the props stop in flight it is sometimes impossible to restart them! (like a jet flameout I suppose).