Dev Call Sept 3, 2018 2300 UTC

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  • RC Update



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Attendee count (max): 16

UTC2300 - python3 for declination script

UTC2302 - waf changes and fixes

  • Allows multiple boards to be configured
  • Don’t need to reconfigure for a different board
  • Use board flag when doing the build
  • [9:03 AM] (Channel) MdB: python2 waf --board=fmuv3 plane
  • How does this configure configuration items based on board type?
    • Saves configuration files for each board
  • Configure phase is same as before
  • Will fail if you try to build for a board you haven’t configured
    • But generally remembers multiple board configurations
  • How does this affect the bootloader building?
    • “Group bootloader not found”?
  • Stuff that goes across from config to build may be a problem
  • Speed?
    • Shouldn’t change anything
  • (we still need to fix the removed-file-kills-builds problem)
  • It’s a good idea…
    • Still need more people to test this

UTC2306 -

  • Cruise target speed handling
  • A couple of small things
    • Addresses the case that in fbwb if you lose RC you will go to minimum airspeed
    • Add flight option mode to split the throttle percentage to be two ranges - between trim-and-max and trim-and-min rather than just between min and max
  • We have a variable somewhere which tells us if we have a pending failsafe
  • Failsafe.throttle_counter
    • Don’t read control switch when this is non-zero
    • Fbwb would go to minimum for maybe a fifth of a second
  • Linear interpolate code should be checked
  • Rc-channel gets get-range callback
    • Want a float
    • 1% resolution is an issue
    • Good start!
  • Reverse thrust?
    • When we treat as an angle rather than a range?
    • Could be an issue…
  • Quick review added
  • Copter oddity
    • Get-control-mid dead-zone
    • Half-throttle input
      • You’ll get 48% not 50%
      • Heli pilots might notice this

UTC2320 -

  • Just fixes a warning in compilation
  • We should probably make these fatal

UTC2323 -

  • Tridge is OK with changing the API
  • Need to track down users and make sure they’re not going to complain
  • Might be a bug in the terrain handling
  • Someone needs to do a pass through the code to check existing use cases before such a merge is done

UTC2323 -

  • Patrick’s going back and looking at it
  • Tridge likes the calling syntax
  • Two different ways of doing things
  • Peter will

UTC2337 -

  • Can go in after Francisco’s reviewed it

UTC2345 -

  • Things that were irking MdB
  • Shouldn’t be any functional changes
  • Missing failure path spotted
    • Contiguous memory
      • Most boards have two non-contiguous heaps
  • Tridge wants to think about the should_relax change to make sure it’s non-functional

UTC2350 -

  • Board safety enable
  • Tridge needs a way to reproduce this
    • Turning vehicle on and off is only way
  • Power-cycling required
  • If you set the board safety mask on a Plane
    • You should get outputs in board safe state
    • Separate issue
  • Tridge couldn’t find a code path that would allow it to fail
  • Also tested it on a Cube Black with 40 or 50 power-cycles
    • Using USB switch
    • And also software reboot using repeat in mavproxy
  • Might need to be battery
  • Also seen on cuav v5 by CO
  • Tlog would clear this up nicely
  • Tridge needs to be able to reproduce this
    • Or at least get a tlog
  • No persistent state on the IO
  • Note put on issue requesting a tlog
  • Maybe another piece of code is asking for the safety to be enabled again
    • Race condition between the two
  • Offboard controls on Solo?
    • Happens on non-Solo devices
  • FF has seen this
    • Sporadic
  • The in-flight happening is what tridge is worried about
    • Needs logs!
    • CO has looked at the dataflash
      • Can provide it to tridge
    • No persistence on the IO processor means this setting can’t be pushed into the IO processor without recompilation
      • Checksumming means using a flash counter isn’t easy
  • Any power issues possible?
    • Anything sufficient to reset the IO controller?
    • Possibly
  • Possibly something to do with being in an inconsistent state and that continuing even past the safety switch being pressed
  • Chris will look for logs
  • Require valid communication with FMU before safety switch becomes operative?
  • What would the Heli patch do?
    • CO hasn’t started work on it
    • Tridge is keen to see such a patch
    • When safetenable is set to 0 then the circuit is disable globally
      • Hard since there’s a separate microcontroller involved

UTC0021 -

  • Why not implement it?
  • ChibiOS already magically does what the call is doing
  • The nowait thing was to workaround a limitation in the PX4 API
  • Merged!

UTC0023 -

  • Plane do-change-speed
  • Musing on using buttons for speedup and slowdown
  • Implementation to be done so we have something to discuss

UTC0027 -

  • Looks good
  • Randy likes how the new pattern means both vehicles
  • This pattern means the rc channel stuff becomes a nexus for other bits of the code
  • Merged!
  • Having a generic function-failed handler might be nice

UTC0034 -

  • Adds option to skip mission items if they make no sense
  • E.g. above takeoff you would still do the transition logic including holding course
  • Keeps you going through the loop until you load something
  • There’s a 255 command limit so infinite loop should be avoided
  • Interface had a boolean which we didn’t honour
  • Tridge wants to double-check
    • Most places are quite straight-forward

UTC0040 - autotest server having issues

UTC0044 - Plane report

  • Facebook user chased OLED problem with bisection search which was great
  • Pretty smooth in 3.9.1 release

UTC0044 - Copter rc8 is going OK

UTC0055 - next Rover release is close

  • A few weeks
  • Randy’s time is otherwise occupied a little soon
  • Still working on hector-slam stuff
    • Still very bad outdoors on rough surfaces

UTC0056 - Sailing!

  • Iampete is on call but no micro
  • Arm-on-switch vs arming on stick
    • We do have parameters to control the ARMING_RUDDER behaviour….
  • Windvane also working
    • Blue thing on the front of the boat
    • 360-degree pot
  • Sailboat Support
  • Acro mode?
    • Heading hold / speed control
    • Maintains turn rate based on user input
      • E.g. full right is 90-degrees/second
    • In manual throttle contains mainsail sheet
      • Pulling it in or not
    • In acro mode no sail control so you go at max speed

UTC0104 - slew rate?

  • Leonard’s been working on redundancy improvements
  • Slew rate stuff afterwards, hopefully
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