Dev Call Sept 16, 2019 2300 UTC

** Issues & Pull Requests**

Clang compiler revisit


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Attendee count (max): 20

UTC1100 -

  • Rover failsafe initialisation in hold mode?
  • Option or not?
  • If in hold mode failsafes are blocked
    • Quasi-disarmed mode
  • Also an end to a mission
    • Could lose vehicles in the middle of the lake this way
  • Use distance from home?
    • E.g. within 30m of home don’t move
    • How about GPS lock?
  • What would the default be?
    • Current behaviour
  • Another option for within 30m of home?

UTC1113 -

  • Create and use AFS singleton
  • Merged

UTC1113 - jitter correction on GPS_INPUT

  • Eliminate timing jitter on WiFi / other telemetry
  • Much better timestamps
  • Any way it could be worse?
    • Inconsistent timestamping from source?
    • Assumes sender sends week and week-ms properly
      • Allows EKF to align this data with the IMU data
    • Self-consistency is critical from sender
  • Can use this jitter elsewhere too
  • merged!

UTC1114 -

  • Returning an actual uint32_t could cause the code to loop too much?

UTC1129 -

  • Checks if alt is initialised
  • Correct way to do this would be to use setters/getters

UTC1131 -

  • Holding position vs wind
  • In landing phase on ground
  • Supposed to be height-limited
    • That didn’t work
  • Land-final and lower throttle level forces throttle to zero
  • Relative ground altitude forces it to zero
  • Rangefinders with minimum 10 metres?!
    • Radars
  • Rover SmartRTL not working

UTC1136 -

  • Don’t create vector from a bad location
  • Needs testing

UTC1143 -

  • Set message interval binding
  • [9:53 AM] (Channel) Michael_duBreuil: Scripting also lets us distribute a backwards compat translation for scripts to use if they reallllllyyy need it
  • [9:54 AM] (Channel) Michael_duBreuil: But fear of Lua API changes shouldn’t block anything
  • Can go in as it is but we have to get it back out as quickly as possible
  • Some sort of mapping from port to channel
    • Could be a little tricky to write

UTC0000 -

  • Should change yaw sensor variable names to yaw_sensor_cd etc
  • Should we get rid of the unit_mod
  • Take result, multiply be 100, overflow type?
  • Get rid of centidegrees!
    • Parameters are the big issue
  • If we audit and none of the potential problems actually happen then we can bring this in
  • There’s not that many callers
    • MdB will audit then it can be merged

UTC0032 - clang discussion

  • Not actually a compiler bug
  • Doing math optimisations assuming FPEs wouldn’t happen
  • Need a way of turning the optimisations off so our Mac users can run the test suite

UTC0035 -

  • A year ago we forked 3.9
  • Massive changes in last year
  • Positive flight reviews so far

UTC0036 -

  • Beta for 3.6.11 is coming
  • Beta for 4.0 is on the horizon still
    • Great review on complex fences PR
      • Probably need to remove the broadcast of mission count
  • 3.6.11 over next day or so
  • 4.0 beta will go out after 3.6.11
    • Randy’s still working on vibration failsafe
      • EKF change needs to go in with it
    • A few from Peter Hall and Bill Geyer

UTC0045 - close

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