Dev Call Oct 4, 2021

Issues & Pull Requests




Attendee count (max): 18

UTC2301 - Correct errors and expand labels for clarity by Hwurzburg · Pull Request #18 · ArduPilot/CustomBuild · GitHub

  • Custom build server fixes
  • Some spelling errors to fix

UTC2303 - Send_position_target_global_int: Set mavlink altitude frame to be target's frame by hendjoshsr71 · Pull Request #17344 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Improved position target frame handling
  • Some discrepancies between MAVProxy and ardupilot terrain estimates
    • Bug in interpolation code?
      • Interpolating on a slightly different grid?
      • Maybe an integer rounding problem?
    • Right-click option in MAVProxy for “terrain check” to get autopilot version of what’s going on

UTC2313 - Allow runtime selection of storage backend by peterbarker · Pull Request #17736 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Allow selection of storage backend at runtime in SITL
  • Having lots of casts around is painful… fix it in later PR
  • Merged!

UTC2317 - HIGH_LATENCY2 cleanups by peterbarker · Pull Request #17962 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Tidy-ups around HIGH_LATENCY2
  • Move to using global-position rather than GPS position
  • merged!

UTC2320 - AP_AHRS: break DCM out as a backend by peterbarker · Pull Request #18095 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Need to fail the EKF in-flight
  • Change position gate to be very very low
    • Increase GPS noise
    • Increase CPU load from copying elements?
    • Need to know what the user experience is after this
      • E.g. sending through DCM’s status in EKF_STATUS_REPORT
  • Need to work out where the extra space is coming from!
    • Memoization on cosf roll/pitch

UTC2349 - AP_Scripting: allow to mark arguments for no range check, optimize for size by IamPete1 · Pull Request #18221 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Flash savings from not checking float values
  • Really want MdB’s input on this one
    • Look at this again next week in case he can’t get to it
  • Savings on F427 are great!

UTC0057 - AP_BattMonitor: capacity_remaining_pct add checks for healthy status by hendjoshsr71 · Pull Request #18749 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Battery healthy capacity_remaining_pct fix
  • Mergeoncipass

UTC0100 - Plane: split transition in to separate class for SLT, tailsitter and tiltrotor by IamPete1 · Pull Request #18697 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Plane - split transition into separate class for SLT / tailsitter / tiltrotor
  • Lots of testing on realflight which found a bunch of stuff
  • Stops people having slt / tailsitter at the same time….
  • Will need to reboot to get transition backend on non-SLT quadplane
  • Tilt_enable is a reboot parameter
  • We need to worry about the the first-setup thing
    • Delete and reallocate the backend
  • Code will need to be moved around
  • LIM_PITCH_MIN was affecting vertical flight when it shouldn’t be on tailsitters

UTC0112 - Use Location methods to get relative and absolute alts for CAMERA_FEEDBACK by peterbarker · Pull Request #18799 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Need to zero the stack variables!
  • Can be merged after that

UTC0116 - AP_BARO: baro filter fix by HefnySco · Pull Request #18804 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Baro filter fix
  • Filter isn’t for fixing data but detecting errors
  • Need a test for this
  • Need a test suite for this?
  • Move into filter library as a glitch filter?

UTC0119 -

  • Add comment about us sending airspeed error in wrong units
  • Merged

UTC0121 -

  • Documentation fix for rotations
  • Naming implied 123 eulers rather than the 321 we actually use
    • E.g. Roll180Yaw45 becomes Yaw45Roll180

UTC0122 -

  • New board ID
  • Merged!

UTC0123 - Support MAVLINK_MSG_ID_SET_ATTITUDE_TARGET by lthall · Pull Request #18833 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Not mergeable today
  • Need discussion
  • Bunch of mavlink messages
  • When we started supporting them we didn’t understand the mavlink message and why
  • We added very basic functionality as that’s what people wanted
  • Unfortunately the implementation is a long way from the specification and intent of the message
  • Making the message relatively useless
  • Simplified use case but doesn’t do what the message should do
  • For position control\ we added an option bit to say use the proper meaning
  • Set_attitude_target has been mis-implemented rather worse
  • Now controllers can implement the functionality properly
    • Full level of control required
  • Backwards-compatability issue
    • Also implemented in scripting!
  • Partially-implemented setters and non-implemented getters too
  • Companion-computer vs GCS control
    • Two separate issues
      • The current messages don’t do well at both purposes?
        • More messages to allow for both control regimes
  • Talk to exyn
    • Mapping inside of mine shafts
  • Guided has been re-written to fully use the position controller
  • Can we break existing behaviour?
    • Tridge thinks “probably yes we can”
  • Attitude control but alt-hold throttle is a common want
  • LUA script examples would be good
  • The mavlink spec seems to be quite good
  • Need a message which specifies destinations and speed limits
    • E.g. come to this location at this speed
    • Come to this yaw at this yaw rate
  • Don’t want to break Solo

UTC0143 -

  • Fix throttle-output bug
  • 2000 is magic?
  • Merged!

UTC0147 -

  • Plane update
  • Lost plane switched RC protocols in-flight
    • F-port on MatekF765 Wing
    • Attached as a UART
    • Lost receiver, redetected as DSM in-flight
    • Floating rc-in int?
      • Change all to pull-down for consistency
      • Change in master but don’t back-port immediately
    • Don’t allow change of detected protocol while in-flight?
      • We allow it if you’ve got two receivers attached….
    • Change to only allow redetection if disarmed?
  • No data for a long time 2 or 3 seconds
    • No-pulses configuration
  • Only allowed when disarmed?
    • Sometimes things get mis-detected on boot
  • Why doesn’t this affect the IOMCU?
    • Two uarts on one pin, one with an inverter
    • Also direct pin for ppm
    • There’s a fourth path for the same pin onto the F7 on some boards
  • Nan inside a tricopter tiltrotor quadplane during transition
    • At end of forward transition
    • Set_throttle_average_max

UTC0158 - Random Copter update

  • 65ms delay on quad with rc4 release of Copter on MatekH743
    • Which means the timer wrap issue isn’t fixed

UTC0002 -

  • Fix GPIO in fourboards
  • Change parser to fail on bad third column in hwdef
  • Interesting fixes on various boards (e.g. control-zero) for pin numbers

UTC0008 -

  • Setting flow control before setting options can fail depending on config
  • Merged!

UTC0012 -

  • OSD format fixes for rangefinder
  • Merged

UTC0015 -

  • Moving airspeed sensor handling up to AP_Vehicle
  • A few things to look at

UTC0031 - off the floor

  • pending votes for DevTeam

  • Semaphore’s gone away

  • Peter would like AP_Periph to become an AP_Vehicle

UTC0033 - close