Dev Call Oct 16, 2018 2300 UTC

Agenda: None - winging it.
Attendee count (max): 12

Many, many normal attendees at the Hex China conference so small turnout and missing our usual meeting chair, Craig.

UTC2300 - merge party!

  • an hour spent merging random PRs into ArduPilot and pymavlink , mostly Peter’s

UTC0001 - MAVExplorer and MAVProxy updates

  • Python3 support
  • Works on MacOSX
  • Should work on Windows

UTC0002 - AP_Avoidance

  • Much plane-specific stuff at the moment
  • Needs to be made general for the other vehicles
  • Will require GPS
  • Copter ought to be able to use same movement stuff as Plane
  • Currently it moves the waypoint the vehicle is heading towards
    • Relies on underlying navigation code
    • L1 controller works things out nicely
    • Position controller on Copter may not cope nicely
    • Will probably go in in current form
    • Maybe a good time to put the L1 controller in Copter
  • This is long-distance avoidance
    • Macro avoidance
    • Hundreds of metres to kilometres
  • Comes with the exclusion zones stuff
    • Makes mission planning much, much easier
  • Comes with fence avoidance for Plane
    • As opposed to fence breakage and return
  • Do the more deliberate vehicle avoidance stuff
  • Tridge will be factoring this into a form to come into master
  • With these changes we can have QGC do fences again!
  • Will add a command-long to make it mavlink compatible

UTC0005 - low-hanging PR fruit in mavproxy

  • Again, testing appreciated with tridge’s changes
  • We now autobuild MAVProxy for Windows now using appveyor
  • Use AP_ROMFS in SITL to store config files
    • To make simulation easier on Windows
      • MP does things slightly different in terms of defaults
        • Slightly different behaviour
  • So ROMFS on Linux and oming
    • SITL already uses ROMFS for OSD
    • Default set of scripts?
    • No incremental decompression at the moment
      • Really large scripts would need to be slurped in their entirety
      • Needs 40kB to flash the IO firmware at the moment

UTC0019 - replacement IO firmware

  • Close
  • Running
  • Io channels work
  • One-shot works
  • Brushed-motors work
  • Not working:
    • Analogue inputs
      • Vservo
      • Rssi analog input
      • Mixer stuff
        • Currently doesn’t work with ChibiOS fmu builds anyway with current firmware

UTC0024 - MAVProxy PRs

UTC0031 - another Plane issue assigned to tridge