Dev Call Oct 12, 2020

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UTC1100 -

  • Vtol transition to use fw rates
  • Bug previously added…
    • Missing transition on plane -> copter
  • merged…

UTC1108 -

  • Avoid switching GPSs
  • New option
    • if not used no change in behaviour
  • Propagate the change of GPS source up to vehicle
    • Copter already does this (via AHRS)
      • And precludes switching while landing
    • Just need to use the Copter logic?
  • Do we still want this logic if the fix is really to take in the Copter changes?
    • Setting up preference system instead?
    • -1 means nothing
    • If primary is set then prefer to use that one if it has a good lock
  • Satellite count was useless from Randy’s experience with indoor/outdoor flying
    • horizontal/vertical accuracy and speed accuracy are much better
    • Speed accuracy only comparable within same generation of GPS
    • Optimistic GPSs
      • M8 and M9 are optimistic vs Septentrino
    • Septentrino accuracies are actually correct
    • uBlox says accuracy is 10cm and it still varies by 1.5m
    • Mixing brands of GPS can’t happen ATM
  • Pete will look at adding GPS_PRIMARY and grabbing Copter stuff across

UTC1120 -

  • Looking good…
  • Merged!
  • Fbwa change-speed fixed

UTC1122 -

  • Can be merged after shortening labels
  • Logging eas2tas

UTC1123 -

  • Thanks to Samuel for doing these changes incrementally!
  • Merged!
  • Documentation for mode-thermal?
  • Mode-thermal in mission planner yet?
  • QGC?

UTC1126 -

  • Allow to set sysid at start
  • Good for swarming….

UTC1131 -

  • Out-of-scope problem
  • Do we need to get MdB to review?
  • Fix logging units and multipliers

UTC1133 -

  • First user alert
  • Lots of comments
  • What happens when we press merge?
    • Which we should do today
    • It will start being shown to users
      • But not in MP at the moment
  • Notionally any uart could show the behaviour, but it’s really the nasty electrical connections that get you
    • E.g. RPM based on ICE engines are nasty
  • There is a test database for people to use to test their integrations
  • Lots and lots of fields still need to be put in
  • We do expect these to be edited
  • Needs squashing
  • Version in the metadata
  • Blog post for the alert…
  • And a facebook post
  • Get the information out there

UTC1150 -

  • Vision obstacle distance
  • Rishabh (GSoC student) is still going on obstacle avoidance
  • 9 obstacle vectors into ArduPilot
    • Consumed by proximity library
  • OBSTACLE_DISTANCE gets 72 objects in single plane
  • This allows things in 3D
    • For 3D cameras
  • 64-bit-timestamp-us?
    • Vision might require it?
  • What’s magic about 9?
    • Arbitrary
    • 3*3 grid
    • Locations in body frame
    • Instance-id vs lots of messages?
      • … or batched
  • 32-bit-millis and instance-id and single xyz?
    • Tom and tridge would like to see that
  • Current message is 63 bytes + 10 header == 73 bytes
  • Interesting blog post on boats and vision and stuff
    • Could rejig to use this
  • Pack in ADSB data?
    • Probably not….
  • Goal is 3D loiter sliding!

UTC0007 -

  • Remove the assignment of false to taken
  • We should add a take-blocking and remove take-with-timeout in general
  • Live-lock issues present in CAN which Tom might be striking
    • Take-with-timeout
  • Can be merged with init of taken
  • GyroFFT too
  • KDECAN vs ToshibaCAN
    • Lots of take(1)s to be removed

UTC0022 -

  • Need a new bit to transport
  • Transport motor failure information to GCS
  • We already have a statustext for it?!

UTC0028 -

  • Save a bit of a memset
  • Comment added - out-of-order stuff?

UTC0031 -

  • Add option for motor tilts and stuff
  • On a switch
  • New rc channel option
    • Within idle zone of throttle in fixed-wing and not in transition it tilts everything
  • SITLd on everything
  • Q-assist can be disabled
  • Takeoff again with switch still asserted?
    • You won’t have any qassist…
  • Documentation maintainer will need to look at this….
  • Why not use the landing library for this?
    • This is for FBWA rather than automated landing
  • Pilot assistance for flare
    • Want to use this in auto!
  • Merged!

UTC0036 -

  • Add github action for ardupilot
  • MissionPlanner already using github actions
    • Any impact?
    • Per repo or per organisation?
  • Lots of people say they like github actions
  • Merged!

UTC0039 -

  • Get wind speed from wind vane on Rover
  • Merged!

UTC0039 -

  • Add F405 Mamba
  • Gratuitous whitespace changes look harmless
    • No telem2…
    • Why skipping to uart6?
  • Several comments for the user to address
    • Including for altconfig
  • No-baro-booting
    • Matek serially-connected MSP-based thingy allows for relatively easy no-onboard-baro

UTC0045 -

  • Still waiting for someone to give concrete example of advantage of static_cast vs normal cast
  • Definitely want the size for in the blping patch

UTC0051 -

  • Will break a lot of people’s setups
  • Can create a parameter conversion to not break things….

UTC0100 -

  • Peter to engage with Amilcar and move to using MAV_CMD_PREFLIGHT_STORAGE to reset

UTC0105 -

  • Merged!
  • Good catch!
  • EKF should potentially use the loop start time?
  • millis() is surprisingly expensive

UTC0108 -

  • Merging upstream changes….
  • Voltage array changes are reasonable
  • Peter will pull out uncontroversial patches into a separate PR

UTC0116 - Plane update

  • No big issues reported with beta
  • Swedish crowd had an issue with mission reset

UTC0116 - Copter update

  • No Randy to give update, but Randy is reported to be not entirely grumpy

UTC0117 - bidirectional frsky

  • Peter to poke yaapu on pushing over his PR

UTC0120 - any PRs regarding Rover in Wiki?

  • No

UTC0120 - close

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