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Dev Call May 3, 2021

Issues & Pull Requests





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Attendee count (max): 17

UTC2335 -

  • Not getting 5Hz on GPS on MatekGPS
  • Too much traffic…
  • Shouldn’t panic if we have too many sensors…
  • Removing support for FIX message - only supporting FIX2
    • Means Copter 3.9 won’t work with newer AP_Periph devices
    • We’re using too much bandwidth
    • Parameterise the sending?
      • Should we parameterize mavlink as well?
  • Mavlink streaming rate persistence
    • Randy’s putting an issue

UTC2354 -

  • We’ll convert NaN to zero

UTC0002 -

  • Logging change for masts in Rover
  • merged

UTC0002 -

  • Issue from SCurve merge
    • Vehicle moving around on ground not being handled correctly
    • Not moving takeoff segment to align with vehicle
    • Need to check vertical component
    • Stop using navigation controller to do takeoff
    • Recalculate leg over and over again?
      • When you make the decision to leave the ground?
      • Perhaps the WPNAV_MINALT parameter goes away?
      • Ground contact/non-ground-contact algorithm rather than waypoint navigation algorithm
  • Merged

UTC0011 -

  • Better destination for fence breach
  • MergeOnCIPass

UTC0012 -

  • Merged!
  • OSD disable value for terrain alt warning

UTC0014 -

  • Preference for FEN rather than pretty picture
  • More situational awareness for fence

UTC0015 - Copter autotuneentry simplification

  • Simplfiies entry
  • Always initialise the position controller
  • Auxswitch just switches to autotune now-adays
  • Can be merged

UTC0020 -

  • Moves auxfunc stuff out to a separate library
  • Is this the right time to make this change?
    • Not really
  • Once Randy’s cut another PR

UTC0033 -

  • Have_gps_yaw remained true on loss of GPS
    • EKF3 affinity meant the wrongt hing happened
    • 5 minute old compass yaw
  • Merged

UTC0038 -

  • can change radius?
    • One stick is radius, one is rate
  • This PR allows you to change the radius by changing the parameter (again)

UTC0041 -

  • New beta today?
    • D-shot?
    • Issue on Braveheart testing vehicle where it didn’t take off…
      • Patch removes that piece of code
      • 2 motors stopping in flight
  • EK3 long distance bug still needs to be looked at
  • Stack overflow warning in monitor thread still needs investigating
  • Crossfire failsafes might not be right?
    • Parser?
  • Simple avoidance vehicle twitches, needs fixing

UTC0051 -

  • Scripting changes fro dynamic creation of bindings
  • Bindings are expensive RAM-wise
  • Dynamic creation of bindings….
  • Autoload on first reference of bad symbol?
  • Why are the constant tables in RAM?
  • Why isn’t it coming from flash?
  • Create a fragment of LUA equivalent to what the user needs to do and then exec it?

UTC0056 - Plane update

  • Main report is that quadplane isn’t ready
  • Quadplane touches down, switches GPS and tries to flip Plane over
    • Problems exposed in quadplane position controllers
      • Either bandaids or proper fix
        • Leonard is working very hard on a proper fix
          • Leonard wouldn’t be comfortable running old code in Copter
    • Autotest that triggers EKFs resets at critical times
    • EKF position reset while switching GPS
      • Sudden attitude change
  • New landing approach code….
  • On position reset, look at position reset magnitude and fiddle targets in opposite direction
  • Context-dependent handling of position controller?
    • E.g. final-descent vs first-descent in quadplane
      • Final-descent you don’t want vehicle to jump to go elswhere
      • First descent you probably do
  • Velocity vs position
    • Land-at-location would seem to be in “shift” category
    • But the how-far-thorugh-landing thing is important
    • In multi in land we hold position and come down vertically
      • Plane wants to descend before it hits the target position to save battery

UTC0110 - system updates

  • Log replay bugfix went in

UTC0113 - GSoC

  • We’re requesting three slots
  • Announcements next step

UTC0114 - UAVCAN discussion on v1

  • Ongoing on mailing list
  • Message set not fit for purpose in tridge’s opinion
    • DSO15
    • Many others agree
    • AP will probably do own message set
  • Mixed population of nodes on a uavcan network
    • Need to ensure v0.9 and v1.0 can work on same bus
  • May end up with APCAN if things go really badly

UTC0117 - close

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