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Dev Call May 27 2019 2300 UTC

(Craig Elder) #1

Craig not able to attend or post an agenda. Randy stepped in to chair. Thanks Randy!
Craig will be back next week.

Attendee count (max): 15

UTC2301 -

  • Merged!

UTC2313 -

  • Redo as a single function with an if statement in the top

UTC2316 - parameter documentation

  • Should we have SITL in the list or not?
  • Merged!

UTC2317 -

UTC2320 -

  • New file should get block comment for what the file is for
  • Which way should we move mavlink parsing things?
    • Into libraries
    • Or out into mavlink
    • Trend is for libraries to do their own stuff
    • Permanent dependency you can’t get rid of
    • GCS_MAVLink primarily infrastructure to talk to ground station
      • Break out a separate file in AP_Mission instead?
    • Half of AP_Mission is mavlink conversion code
      • Which annoys MdB
      • AP_Mission_MAVLink.cpp
      • Harder to refactor AP_Mission to be internally correct?
    • Working in GCS_MAVLink
    • Amilcar like the way this is moving
  • Killed this PR, will move code in the other direction

UTC2330 - mini-onion WindVane

  • Tested in SITL
  • SITL backend! Yay!
  • Calibrated by twisting the windvane
  • Calibration is once, not once per voyage
    • Device isn’t that accurate anyway
    • min/max are not rescaled in use
    • Worry about voltage spikes?
    • Ratiometric?
      • Power supplies vary
      • Sensors that are ratiometric assume a base voltage so you have to scale according to input power
      • Regulated or not regulated?

UTC2336 - quadplane precision v2 by Luke Dempsey

  • K_param_precland 256 may not work well
  • 512 top-level parameters was added a while ago
    • Not backwards compatible
    • Above 255 will work on new code but not if people go back to really old versions of the code
      • Should we open up the higher range?
      • Probably safe after 3 years?
    • Only a problem if you go back from new to old code
  • Needs a detailed review
    • And a rebase
    • Tridge will try to find time to review it
  • Not pre-onion?
  • Tridge will rebase it
  • Perfectly supportive
    • Just needs time to look at it

UTC2340 -

  • I2c transaction count and spi transaction counts via mavlink?
  • Merged!

UTC2345 - io processor resets

  • Tridge also saw something similar to JC
    • But he was flashing
    • Maybe checking version of firmware at the time?
      • Check timestamp of io processor should allow for io processor to have been up for some period of time
      • Need to detect IO processor reset so we send across all of the configuration
    • It should never need to reset so it should currently be an internal error

UTC2348 - tradheli

UTC2349 - battery failsafe as percentage?

UTC2350 - Plane and tridge

  • Proposal for airspeed-only-if-no-GPS?
    • Needs thought
  • Sensor affinity could be nice for both airspeed and GPS
    • Tridge is working on
    • [9:52 AM] (Channel) MdB: Because that scenario encourages not calibrating/validating the sensor then you swap to it in the failure mode
    • [9:52 AM] To Weekly devcall: @MdB calibrate in-flight from estimated wind speed :stuck_out_tongue:

UTC2351 - Copter and Randy

  • 3.6.9 released
  • 3.6.10rc1 including RC logging and watchdog changes coming RSN
    • Estop switch issues?

UTC2353 - Rover and Randy

  • Bendy ruler algorithm from CUAV
  • Patches coming in RSN
  • Dijkstra’s too
    • “Safe nodes” generated from polygon fence
    • Inner fence x metres inside the polygon fence
    • Each point on polygon fence gets an inner fence
    • Visibility graph
    • Runs in a separate thread
    • Runs pretty well
      • RAM and CPU usage should be checked
  • Tridge has been considering adding more bends into the ruler
    • So it can take more turns before getting somewhere
      • This many turns not an issue on CUAV
  • Dijkstra’s may collapse when you have hundreds of fast-moving objects
  • How do you do moving objects in Dijkstra’s?
  • Identify safe places how?
    • Safe is dependant on time
      • Use projection and check for lines crossing to determine safe places
    • Turning east vs west may get you somewhere at a different time
  • Dijkstra’s currently runs once per destination
    • Stayout zone could be a Plane’s projection
  • Moving spheres in 3D space
  • Bendy ruler is a bit like a 2-ply-search in chess
    • Game tree
    • Chess-search algorithms might be applicable
      • Might be able to use relatively small amounts of CPU to get 8 or 9-ply searches
  • No projection based on velocity and turn rate hasn’t been included
  • This is built into AC_Avoidance not AP_Avoidance
  • Things are going into separate classes
  • Iampete is hoping to look at this as part of his GSoC too

UTC0005 - sailboat

UTC0007 - close