Dev Call May 24, 2021

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Attendee count (max): 24

UTC2313 -

  • Adjustments made
  • Still needs splitting for vehicles
  • Tridge will fix and merge
  • All changes seem to have been made

UTC2317 -

  • New quadplane landing system
  • Based on new SCUrve stuff from Leonard
  • Review and testing would be great on this PR
    • Henry’s already found a few things to be fixed
  • Want this in before the 4.1 beta

UTC2319 -

  • Reverse thrust in non-auto modes
  • Use-reverse-thrust option only covers auto-throtte modes
  • Maybe add a bit in OPTIONS to allow use in non-auto-throttle?
    • If FBWA is a recovery mode then it might be surprising when switching in
  • Problem with an “always” enumeration option
  • Henry’s going to poke at it some more

UTC2325 -

  • Bugfix for someone using Plane autotune
    • 4.1 release material
  • Slow-reacting Planes would get a poor tune
  • Slowly move time constant towards target time constant
    • Only increase time constant if needed
    • Only allowing inverse-angle-p to increase
  • If Paul doesn’t get a chance to look at it tridge will get Leonard to look at it

UTC2327 -

  • G4-based-boards with different alt functions than our existing
  • Just adds pins once whitesace changes removed
  • Merged

UTC2335 -

  • Fixed wing and multirotor navigation can make life interesting
  • Should return 0s for wp distance and the like

UTC2349 -

  • Adding a prearm check for fences enabled but they don’t have any fences enabled
  • Safety system so we can afford to be a bit picky
  • Needs to have some whitespace fixed but can be merged past that

UTC2350 -

  • Compensate for CG offsets
  • Only available from scripting ATM
  • Adds throttle factor to motor matrix
  • Only available from scripting ATM
  • Once set they can’t be changed
    • Done at init
  • Lots of maths in motor mixers
    • Redundancy etc
    • These require the ranges to be set properly
  • Log LUA scripts out to dataflash would be nice
  • Merged

UTC0000 -

  • Separate output function lists per vehicle
  • Makes function names consistent
  • Merged

UTC0005 -

  • Correct constraint range
  • Needed to be tested for negative expos
  • merged

UTC0006 -

  • Merged
  • Remove dead code

UTC0007 -

  • Cdeg metadata consistent and incr 10
  • Merged

UTC0010 -

  • Add issue label notifier
  • Shouldn’t be against the repo rather in user configuration
  • We’ll see how this goes
  • Merged it

UTC0014 -

  • IOMCU fail
  • Ground lift issue on safety switch
  • Didn’t handle the IOMCU reset correctly
    • We don’t do this very often
    • Missed the case where BRD_SAFETYENABLE was zero of mavlink disabling of the switch
      • But didn’t handle the case where the actual switch was used
  • Your IOMCU should not reset in flight……
  • Peter will read through and merge it if he’s happy with it
  • Also would cut aux outputs
  • Only regulators like IOMCUs….
  • Remediation is to set BRD_SAFETYENABLE to zero

UTC0020 -

  • Metadata warning fix for heli swash test settings
  • Merged

UTC0022 -

  • Already have option to continue in guided even if RC is lost
  • We quietly disobey it if the GCS failsafe isn’t set
  • So add something to FS_OPTIONS to allow losing both RC and GCS and stay in guided
  • We’ll remove the extra check that you have to have GCS failsafe setup if you want to ignore RC failsafe in guided
    • Actually, Randy will consider a bit first

UTC0029 -

  • Defaults should be within our ranges
  • Some of the defaults aren’t the best choice
  • Do we change the default or the range?
    • Can’t really change the default as we might break vehicles
  • OK to change defaults on minor releases (but not point releases)
    • E.g. 4.0 to 4.1
  • Hopefully Heli autotune for 4.2
  • Min vff needs changing

UTC0037 -

  • Good patch
  • Would we be papering over problems if we were to merge it?
    • Probab;y should log the reset count
  • Merged!

UTC0047 -

  • Extensively tested
  • Sid would love to get this in
  • Parameter array thing fixed
  • Bug spotted!
  • Tom to fix things up
  • If defines renamed
  • AP_Periph gets a singleton
  • Reference singleton rather than pointer
  • Maybe have a compilation error if you include AP_Periph stuff when not an AP_Periph
  • Use a static pointer in the class rather than getting an AP_Periph reference
  • Static setter for the pointers

UTC0049 -

  • Servo indexing to fmu indexing
  • IOMCU forgotten for indexing
  • Cool-looking looping construct

UTC0107 -

  • Plane update
  • Leonard’s stuff merged
  • QuadPlane landing stuff to be done
  • Lots of fixes still pending
  • Another week or two before beta
  • Wings are good

UTC0108 - Copter and Rover

  • Lots of beta testing is being done
  • Lots of bugs being found
  • Several issues have come up
  • Acro rp constrain incorrect
  • Aligning external camera to ahrs it doesn’t quite line up
    • Angle axis
    • Comparing two quats the angle-axis method is incorrect
  • One estimate vehicle east, one north and identical roll/pitch
    • Yaw affects roll/pitch
    • AP_AHRS check for roll/pitch across all different estimators is also incorrect
    • …. And a third place too….
  • Rotate into same yaw and then calculate the difference?
  • HC-SR04 on copter not working
  • GPS-for-yaw feature is great
    • Too hard to set up still
      • DMA required and it is hard to work that out
    • No documentation on linking the two GPSs together
  • CUAV-X7 safety LED not working
    • Maybe CAN_SAFETYSTATE isn’t working?
  • EKF ground effect compensation not working on EK3

UTC0119 - Leonard

  • A few bug fix PRs should be looked at

UTC0123 - Rover

  • Simple avoidance is stuffed
  • -1 for waypoint delay you’ll get a 65535s delay
  • D-shot stuffed….

UTC0124 - GSoC

  • Already lookin gat stuff with some students

UTC0026 - admin position

  • Poke tridge for more information
  • US$750/month to help out with partner program and other admin

UTC0026 - close

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