Dev Call May 17, 2021

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Attendee count (max): 18

UTC2305 -

  • Emitting heli parameters into a separate file
  • So for heli we will emit into Copter as well for a while
  • Need to get MissionPlanner and QGC updated to slurp down the helicopter parameters
  • Why not have separate functions?
    • Just time
  • We’ll do the separate functions rather than motors
    • Need to worry about motor masks and whatnot
    • [9:23 AM] Peter Hall: Tricopter yaw servo is another one that is not really a motor.
    • [9:23 AM] Peter Hall: And the single copter vanes
    • [9:23 AM] Peter Hall: They all run on motor_x functions
    • [9:26 AM] Peter Barker: Huh. So problems both ways - new functions we have to declare as motors and old functions which aren’t motors
  • For now not merging this - we’ll generate the helicopter xml

UTC2330 -

  • Added Increment fields to metadata
  • Thumbwheels etc in display
  • Centigrade stuff
  • Change increments to degrees from centi-degrees

UTC2333 -

  • Possible problem in EKF or Copter
  • Going back into land after a position has been supplied
  • Randy will have a closer look
  • EK2 also exhibits the issue

UTC2345 - new ReleaseAdmin tag

  • So you can find the release issues

UTC2347 - SBAS on SBF units

  • Merged

UTC2352 -

  • Merged!
  • Alternate configs for revo-mini

UTC2353 -

  • Matches tuning guide
  • Parameter doc now matches tuning guide

UTC2354 -

  • Who looks after out mac environment?
  • Jaime, Andy, Sid

UTC2359 -

  • Already debated

UTC0002 -

  • Merged
  • Kakute buzzer fixes

UTC0003 -

  • EKF switching entry points for scripting
  • We’ll leave these in as dead
  • Can actually just set the parameters…. Including from scripting

UTC0005 -

  • Position controller updates
  • Pretty close to merging?
  • Tridge has been working on top of this branch
    • Of a few days ago
    • Need a few additional patches on top of this
  • Tridge and Leonard wil get tridge’s changes on top of this one after the devcall
  • Likely to go in real-soon-now
  • Q_options gets a new bit which allows the throttle stick to preposition and sticks to reposition vehicle on auto landing
  • Throw mode doesn’t use wpnav any more
  • New change stops very quickly
    • Brake mode instead
    • Works much more nicely
  • Non-lock-stepped scheduler problems can have issues in simulation
    • We’ll not-panic if you’re using a non-locked-step-scheduled thing

UTC0011 -

  • Fence enabled but no fence selected
  • Two separate parameters to you can preserve the state of which fences are enabled while disabling the entire fence feature
  • Will be changed to be a prearm check

UTC0026 -

  • Merged
  • Compile fix

UTC0027 -

  • Temperature calibration would take the place of a lot of these

    • Pre-calibrated would be much better (using
  • Closing this one - we’ll just do random things on random vehicles if we do different things with calibration later

UTC0043 -

  • Display boards 1/line
  • Vendors have very specific idea of how they want to appear in here
  • merged!

UTC0047 -

  • Can be merged after comment change

UTC0051 -

  • Want to change the default for AP_Periph boards

UTC0052 -

  • Henry wants people to look this over before merge

UTC0055 - Plane updates

UTC0056 - Copter updates

  • Beta2 today or tomorrow
  • Beta3 in a week’s time or something
  • yaw/pitch prearm error message is strange
    • Some sort of framing issue?
    • Also seen in quaplane tailsitters
  • Do-change-speed not working?
    • Need a fractional speed?!
  • Descending quickly in SITL then the yaw oscillates like crazy
  • Yaw imbalance?
  • EKF yaw source selection documentation still needs to be done
  • Beta2 soon

UTC0058 - Rover updates

UTC0105 - GSoC update

  • We have three students/projects selected
    • Custom firmware builder
    • Precland
    • ROS2 native support

UTC0108 - open vote for those in the DevTeam

  • Check your email!

UTC0109 - close

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