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Dev Call March 29, 2021

Issues & Pull Request




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Attendee count (max): 18

UTC2300 -

  • Multiple inclusion group fences
  • Autotests are on Rover
  • Each fence gets a group number. You must be inside at least one group
    • All current fences are group 0
    • So you can create a group 1 - and then you can be inside all of the group1 fence
  • MissionPlanner allows for setup of these using the mission plan editor
  • File format for saving fences?
    • Standard QGC110 waypoint files…
  • Testing and review?
  • Looking for testers and reviewers…
    • Can’t just review it on the call
  • Copter’s backup fence
  • Plane return point?
    • Do we need to remember which group you’re in to decide which return points to use
  • Crossing between overlapping fences?
    • Non-overlapping fence points?
  • Will this break QGC?
    • Probably not
  • Interface with scurves?
    • Particularly with SCurves
  • Conversion code works….

UTC2323 -

  • Should this be bracketed on specific autopilot?
  • LED built into board
  • Navigator Linux board
    • NavigatorLED

UTC2327 -

  • SCurve PR
  • CPU load was checked and was fine
  • Check all boards building or not
    • Proximity was removed from a bunch of small boards
      • Three boards not building
      • 2 skyvipers and omnibusv5-bdshot
        • Unsurprising on the Journey, but surprising on the v2450
  • Sub was tested
    • Splines were removed
    • Yaw behaviour selection is a little odd
  • Tridge will test quadplane in SITL this week
  • Holdup for 4.1
    • Randy would like ot merge this this week
      • Start beta testing of Rover and Copter early next week
      • Before dev conference starts?
      • Maybe this week?
    • MdB has some patches for next Plane he’d like in
    • Tridge also has some extra ones…
    • EKF3 38km issue
    • Guided mode changes for Copter
    • Bugfixing hats on!
    • Willian will talk to Jacob about getting Sub into the same release

UTC2335 -

  • Scripting bindings for PWM GPIO and analoguein
  • Multiple threads allocating channels in analoguein bad
  • More changes to scripting generator….
  • merged!

UTC2342 -

  • Scripting bindings for options
  • Can be merged once mavlink commit is removed and CI passed
    • And a quick rename

UTC2347 -

  • Quick refactoring
  • Merged!

UTC2349 -

  • Fix constructor so you can pass in a frame
  • Should we assume a default frame?
    • No
  • Will conflict with SCurves……
  • Randy thinks he’s spotted a terrain-related problem and pointed out somewhere that needs testing
  • merged!

UTC2356 -

  • Merged
  • Conflict

UTC2358 -

  • Merged
  • Make Copter interfaces look like Plane and rover in APIs

UTC0001 -

  • Enum-class for EFI type

UTC0003 -

  • NDEBUG to avoid assert issues
  • Reproducible builds are good and these stopped that
  • Assert calls were left in the code
    • Bad bad bad
    • This removes them

UTC0004 -

  • Would be nice to remove G2
  • Can be merged after CI

UTC0013 -

  • Can be merged after comment and CI

UTC0014 -

  • More information on transition
  • Can be merged after Peter Hall is ready

UTC0017 -

  • Merged
  • Nullptr deref fix in battery at startup

UTC0017 -

  • Remove indirection on RGBLed
  • Merged!

UTC0018 -

  • Plane update
  • Many things built up for 4.0 point release
  • Once we start beta we have trouble doing more stable releases
  • Another 4.0 with small fixes?
  • Several things marked….
  • EKF compass failure handling
    • As in 4.0 doesn’t handle compass just disappearing
  • 32kB patch is probably worthwhile
  • H743 storage watchdog issue…
  • Push out a stable release without a beta if we need to?
    • Can only do a single beta at a time
  • Randy’s not enthusiastic about a point release…
    • It would be tridge and amilcar…
  • Backup-compass patch is a good one to apply in your own stable branch if redundancy is important to you
  • Might be another Plane 4.0 given there’s some significant Plane 4.1 features to do

UTC0030 - Copter and Rover updates

  • Beta isn’t a hard cutoff for features
  • Scurves for Rover?
    • Probably not for 4.1

UTC0032 - GSoC update

  • Waiting for applications to come in
  • Applications allowed today
    • No students have applied yet
  • If you want to mentor, poke tridge

UTC0035 - conference update

  • Good line-up of speakers
  • Discord channel for conference schedule organisation

UTC0041 - close

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