Dev Call March 15, 2021

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Attendee count (max): 22

UTC2300 -

  • Perhaps a low-level something in AP_Logger
  • Probably only Copter-4.0.7
    • No, also 4.0.6
  • Just cubeBlack reported so far
  • Tridge and Peter will look at this over the next week or so

UTC2307 -

  • Change DO_CHANGE_SPEED to only affect auto and guided
  • Had to change autotest
  • Trim speed in cruise now
  • EKF and other tests updated
  • Merged!

UTC2309 -

  • Need to add a message past 65535 and test that it works well
  • Tridge is happy with the change
  • Can be merged if it doesn’t change the header generation

UTC2313 -

  • MacOSX fix for mavflightview
  • Merged

UTC2315 -

  • MacOSX fix for paramedit
  • Doesn’t pass on Python2

UTC2319 -

  • Merged!
  • More MacOSX fixes

UTC2321 -

  • Merged

UTC2323 -

  • Behavioural change
  • No DISPLAY variable on Linux then still bomb out

UTC2328 -

  • Zero memory to avoid Valgrind issue when comparing two Mision_Command using memcp
  • Randy will get rid of some assignments

UTC2334 -

  • Stop spinning the prop when moving to QHOVER when disarmed

  • Pete has an alternate fix

  • Merged Peter’s, Pete to look at his PR more

UTC2341 -

  • Merged
  • Change label of “GPS Type” to something more readable

UTC2343 -

  • Remove channel parameters
  • Tridge uses intermittent for taildragger and reset
  • MdB’s override thing has been left in place
  • Parameter conversion is a thing
    • Checks configured()
  • Flap, soar enable and fence all done
  • Some savings to be made byte-wise
  • Mount has a bunch of equivalents

UTC2352 -

  • More than 6 modes
  • Want to have mode-switch-layout-schemas
  • Want to hide the extra flightmode parameters if we can
  • Stavros wants more than 6 channels
  • Quadplanes want more than 6
    • Even some planes
  • Modern OpenTX transmitters have 2 3-pos switches that can be used for mode
  • Two separate channels?
    • Lots of channels on modern transmitters
    • Like a “bank select”?
    • Mixer on transmitter is major barrier to entry for ArduPilot?
      • Transmitter setup is too fragile
    • Three groups of three flight modes for example
    • 6-deep-each banks?
    • Default has to be our existing scheme
  • The FLTMODE parameters should be common between vehicles
  • A new AP_FlightMode library?
    • Rover is AP_Mode
  • Use MODE_xyzzy
  • Fix the documentation issue so we don’t duplicate everything
  • AP_FlightMode would contain logic for selecting modes
  • AP_RCModeChannel?
  • Won’t merge this or close it

UTC0022 -

  • New FlyWoo board
    • Yay! Pinouts in README!
  • We should get rid of the “build list” and have an “exclude list”?
    • Maybe an AUTOBUILD= in the hwdef?

UTC0027 -

  • Moving to ChibiOS 20.3?
  • 4.1 to go to newer ChibiOS release?
  • New processor - G4
    • Fdcan CAN nodes
  • 20.3 is latest stable release
  • Quadspi support - external flash
    • 4 or 8MB of external flash…
    • Several flight controllers coming out with this
    • Betaflight are already using it
    • 1 sector of built-in flash and then external flash
    • Three can buses
    • Redundancy
    • CAN Bus ordering
  • Need to scrounge up some bytes in the bootloader
  • Need to change some RC stuff to compile
  • Sooner the better, sounds like we’ll be shifting for 4.1

UTC0033 -

  • There are apparently trig functions on some of our CPUs….
  • Inits target attitude with actual attitude
  • Fixes some quadplane issues
  • Can be merged once the const-reference thing is done.

UTC0038 -

  • Smart battery handling
  • Make it 2MB boards only?
  • Adds 2kB of flash (thanks to Pierre for adding the flash-cost thing to CI!)
  • Get data as we need it rather than at init?
  • Tridge left a review
  • Mavlink message needs num_cells
  • Should be able to reflect all the data common in the smbus standard

UTC0053 -

  • Flight option to climb then turn for RTL
  • Merged!

UTC0058 -

  • Vehicle was turning North because GCS was doing domount-control commands
  • No mount so vehicle yawed…

UTC0107 - fix temperature reporting

UTC0109 - Plane update

  • 4.0.9 has been pretty good
  • One nasty log from Marco
  • Things rae pretty good in Plane
  • AC_PID will be next big thing to go in
    • Will need a working autotune for it….

UTC0110 - Copter update

  • A Copter 4.0.8 release?
  • There are some good patches marked for backport
  • Can just wait for 4.1 based on current patchset
  • 4.1
    • Some PRs still need reviewing
    • SCurve PR is in really good shape now!
      • Please test it!
    • Lots of internal checks
      • Most issues were picked up by internal checks
    • Need to fix the vertical bendy ruler avoidance
      • Horizontal vehicle travels very slowly (1.5m/s rather than target speed)

UTC0113 - Rover update

  • SCurve for rover will be post-4.1

UTC0114 - GSoC update

  • ArduPilot was selected again
  • We will be getting slots assigned to us
  • Students are preparing their submissions
  • Need to update our list of projects
  • The 1 month thing is a real problem
  • What’s the reporting now?

UTC0119 - Conference update

  • 1st draft of schedule for conference next week
  • Maybe a blimp talk?

UTC0120 - close

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