Dev Call March 01, 2021

Issues & Pull Requests




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Attendee count (max): 21

UTC2300 -

  • Log EKF reset offsets in metres rather than integers

UTC2303 -

  • Hides mount parameters if enable is not set
  • Have we added and then removed the hidden flag before
  • Order in table is important for enable/disable, not index order
  • Did we add thenremove this flag before?
    • Can’t find evidence for that
  • Hides parameters if the mount is not enabled
  • Created an issue for Michael to make sure the MP enable flag is coped with
  • Is it worth spending a little money on minor changes to MP so they get done?

UTC2309 -

  • Fixes kdecan so can be used for plane
  • This might break Copter
    • Changes the mapping
      • So few people using kdecan that we can do that?
      • Spin-up-on-ground is nasty
    • Maybe use another number out of the enumeration?
  • Protocol was changing as our driver was written
  • Existing users of this?
  • Lowest ID number you can choose is 2?
    • Maybe the flight controller is 1?

UTC2321 -

  • Mission items that can trigger script actions
  • There are existing custom mission items
    • Are we going to end up with MAV_CMD_DO_SEND_SCRIPT_MESSAGE later?
  • Use MAV_CMD_USER_1 through MAV_CMD_USER_5?
  • There’s 15 of them
    • We don’t use any of them
  • Upstream was talking about similar sorts of functionality
    • Peter can’t remember properly and JP isn’t on the call….
  • Three floats is important….
  • Total storage is 12 bytes
    • ID values over 255 weren’t possible without stealing a byte from the three floats
  • DO command is relatively easy
  • Nav commands in scripts?
    • Use guided_enable?
    • Completion is done by advancing the waypoint
  • Uint16_t id number for routing

UTC2341 -

  • Default RPM type to 10 on SITL?
    • Only for flightaxis, link given in PR
  • Can be merged after that

UTC2348 -

  • Change max lean angle and whatnot
    • To 30 from 45
  • Changes WPNAV_SPEED from 5m/s to 10m/s
  • Changes acceleration to 2.5m/s/s from 1m/s/s
  • Safe and more usable?
    • Could get very high accelerations with 45 degree angle
    • Most vehicles can’t maintain 45 degrees and altitude, so 45 is too much
  • This also affects quadplanes
  • Plane is also changing some default gains
  • Release notes will point out these changes
  • so slow ATM….

UTC2354 -

  • Upstream merge
  • Merged!

UTC2355 -

  • Stop do_change_speed affecting things like RTL speeds
  • Asp-cruise-cm is used on auto but not cruise now?
  • This might break fbwb and cruise modes?
  • Probably broken for guided
  • Fbwa -> cruise may never cross two points where airseped_cruise_cm is set (guided / auto)
    • So your airspeed_cruise_cm would be zero
  • Changing parameters is a nice way to tune your vehicle…
  • New plan:
    • Initialise variable to an impossible value
    • If the variable is -1 use parameter
    • Otherwise use this new variable
    • -do-change-speed then change-parameter and only the do-change-speed will work
    • Mixing do-change-speed and change-parameter will give weird results
    • Do-change-speed won’t work in auto as your speed is already set
  • MissionPlanner sets parameter rather than issuing DO_CHANGE_SPEED
  • DO_CHANGE_SPEED should only affect the mode you’re in and only for the duration of the mode
    • It will mean if you duck out for e.g. an rc failsafe then you’ll lose your DO_CHANGE_SPEED
  • “Last one wins”?
    • Maybe a little ill-defined in some circumstances
      • Across mission loads, for example?
        • Copter goes back to parameter value
        • Tridge thinks Plane should do the same
  • This will really clear a wart from handling

UTC0006 -

  • Can be merged once it passes CI
  • Supports do-change-mode command

UTC0014 -

  • Has been flown in RealFlight
  • Tailsitter roll has been tested now…
  • Centidegrees vs degrees vs radians, oh my
    • Bear-traps all over the place
  • Merged!

UTC0016 - aux-funcs-via-mavlink

  • Need to fix the mavlink….
  • Can be merged once the mavlink thing is fixed
  • We really need AUXF logging!

UTC0034 -

  • Merged!
  • Spelling mistake fixed…
  • Yaw imbalance check
  • Merged….
  • Needs Wiki as the user might see this

UTC0040 - Plane update

  • Several important fixes
  • New stable release out
    • No negative feedback so far
    • Last 4.0, hopefully!
  • Several pending things for 4.1…
  • H743 issue fixed

UTC0042 - Copter update

  • Not much to report
  • 4.0.7 went out with parameter reset workaround (restoration of wiped parameters)
  • Focus is on 4.1
    • SCurves is coming along pretty well
      • Tridge and Peter really the only people testing this?
        • Reports welcome!
      • More sanity checks added
        • Not in code we flew on the weekend
          • Not passing autotests
      • Moving waypoints around gets a little interesting
        • Changing waypoints after path has been decided gets really interesting
        • Situational awareness was bizarre
          • Flew to old location but pointed to new location
          • Actual and predicted flightpath diverged
    • Discovered a state-machine issue in auto mode
      • Wouldn’t take off
      • Deliberately testing the auto-option bits
        • Did it correctly first time
        • But not second time
    • Change in spline path which users might notice
    • Splines can run slower than they used to
      • Can take a different path than they used to
      • Vehicle is doing the right thing
        • Video coming!
        • No corner cutting because of the leash
        • Users that might have used splines might prefer to shift to normal waypoints given SCurves

UTC0050 - Tradheli update

  • Alpha autotune went out
  • Two came back with good data
  • Gathering information…
  • In-flight motor shutdown?
    • Log coming, hopefully…

UTC0052 - Rover update

  • 4.1 Copter and Rover release both take Randy’s time
  • Small bug in Rover found
    • Too much throttle
    • Fix coming

UTC0054 - conference

  • 9-11 April
  • If you want to talk - get an ACK back from James Randy or tridge do not assume you’ve got a slot otherwise

UTC0055 - close

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