Dev Call June 29, 2020

Issues & Pull Requests




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Attendee count (max): 25

UTC1100 -

  • Helicopter example
  • Two new block
  • Input and speed/accel block
  • Connects to SITL as Plane matlab did
  • Support quaternion as well as euler?
    • Not too tricky
    • Gyro logged in radians
  • Units to be added to descriptions and the write message
  • Simulink 2020 or newer only ATM
  • Semicolons end of line
    • Determines printing of result?!
  • Paul converting EKF generator to Python
    • Matlab 3 hours
    • 15 seconds for Python
    • JC did this years ago
  • Cut airspeed or dot-product it as we don’t want stuff that’s wrong

UTC1109 -

  • Now with tilt motors
  • Permanent assistance
  • Control-surfaceless Copter tailsitters
  • Added Copter to Plane to make quadplane
    • Now we’re removing control surfaces…
    • Next up - removing wings?
  • Perhaps an issue with motor outputs on normal tailsitters
    • E.g. AddictionX
    • Does it lose height?
      • If not, why not?
  • Test report required

UTC1120 -

  • Merged
  • Not fussed by the pragma in a header

UTC1121 -

  • Nice video of this one!
  • Quadplane doing package drops in Nepal
  • Should never have been a flightmode
    • Just a mission item
  • If scripting doesn’t work we could look at having this all cleaned up
  • Tridge has a strong preference for this being a script
    • Easier tweaking for different aircraft?

UTC1125 -

  • Memory cost is a bit steep
  • Specify increments on specification
  • Use fance two-offset incrementing through table to work out next task to list

UTC1136 -

  • Tried this once before
    • Backed that out
  • But it’s the right time now - for master
  • Users are being caught out by not getting new messages
  • Solo might break
  • Pixracer esp8266 might break
  • Need to reach out to vendors to ensure they’re running non-crappy firmware
  • merged!

UTC1142 -

  • Good idea
  • Need to make sure this is only for manual modes
  • Pattern should be high/low - middle should do nothing

UTC1148 -

  • Just fixing documentation
  • 30m terrain stuff is months away yet
  • Filling in above 60 latitude is more important
    • The generator does warn you
      • Pre Download “japan” and have terrain for all of Japan
      • 400km radius
  • We lacked the arming check for terrain
    • Now in beta

UTC0005 -

  • Can be merged after looking through Randy’s comment
  • In practise we get away with the structure in the rangefinder class
  • Can be merged after looking at Randy’s issues

UTC0011 -

  • Looking good for release except for one found
  • Rtl_autoland and mis_restart don’t play nice
  • Not adhering
  • Throttle nudging in takeoff mode ?
    • It probably should work
    • Need to test this and in auto takeoff
      • Should work in both

UTC0018 -

  • 4.0.4 rc2 is out there
  • Two new issues out there
    • Lis3mdl compass not working
      • Getting Andy’s fix back into stable might be problematic
    • Uavcan compass ordering problems
      • Unplug a compass will never be able to arm again?!
      • Compass cal doesn’t fix the problem
        • Need to nuke compass_prio2 to zero and then you’re good
          • UI in GCS?
          • Or clear unknown compasses automatically
      • COMPASS_USE lines up with COMPASS_PRIO
      • Sid tridge and Randy to work through this
      • Whenever you plug in a uavcan compass it gets a devid
        • Plug in another it gets another
          • Uavcan node id
        • In production
          • GPS used for all testing
            • Plug in and it gets first ID
              • When shipped to customer it gets assigned second devid and the parameters no longer work
              • Need to load Plane then Rover again
              • DNA database….
              • Use defaults.parm to set all parameters so format_version can be used to nuke all settings?
    • New Rover?
      • Would like to have the avoidance stuff in before doing it

UTC0040 -

  • Rover
  • Call out to PH and Rishabh for awesome work on avoidance!
    • Backing away from obstacles is cool!

UTC0041 - User Alerts

  • Beta
  • Links at bottom of site for the compiled json files which are generated
  • Ingested into GCSs or websites or whatever
  • Seeking feedback / comments
  • Travis puts files onto s3 ATM
  • Put it onto firmware so people can start to use it
  • One candidate is the parameter reset issue
    • Still not completely resolved as we could never reproduce it ourselves
  • Already have two real examples we could transfer to the “real data” list
    • Could test the process of validating
  • Avoiding calibration?
    • Having a doc on how to load old parameter file without recal
    • Some UI options in MissionPlanner to force the setting of *ID parameters would be good

UTC0056 - close

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