Dev Call July 30, 2018 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests


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Funding & Marketing

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  • 3.9.0 beta 6 released


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New SPI Liaison

Attendee count (max): 19

UTC2301 - CAN cleanup

  • Extremely promising work!
  • CPU issue
    • If you only enable one CAN port then the UAVcan drive still tries to use both ports
      • When the hardware device is uninitialised
        • So would continue burning CPU
  • Not ready for master yet
    • Testing worked on plane but not on Copter
    • Intermittent finding CAN devices
  • Sid’s work for restructuring drivers
    • Currently within AP_UAVCNA library instead of in e.g. AP_Compass
    • Sid has worked out how to move them into the driver directories without blowing out the size of the firmware
      • Making it much better structured
  • Tridge is arranging some hardware for FF
    • gps/baro/compass combo from zubax
    • Outputs are easier as you can just sniff the bus
  • Sid has discovered a whole bunch of wasted CPU in the GPS driver
    • The GPS GNSS CAN packet abstraction packs in variances and the like
    • Encodes single floating point number as matrix and then decodes it
      • Very, very generic
      • But takes 500us to decode a GPS packet
      • There are native instructions on arm for translating 16-bit floats to 32-bit floats which should be used
  • Moves a whole bunch of thread stuff into the hal
    • Builds on top of FFs to move drivers to driver directories
    • Thanks to Matternet for funding this work!

UTC2315 -

  • People are currently happy with current structure
  • It can go in once Randy is happy with it

UTC2332 - MAVLink over CAN

UTC2334 -

  • AP_Compass work from Jonathan
  • Tridge is happy for this to go in
  • FF wanted to sign-off on it
    • Tridge made changes just yesterday
    • So a few days before it goes in unless FF says, “good”
  • Simple change, expected-devid
  • Tridge put a patch in to zero devids on compasses you don’t see
    • Set, not set-and-save

UTC2339 - GSoC update - Jaime

  • 2 weeks left
  • Final wrap-up time
  • Students to submit code and report middle-of-August
  • Ayush is going to work with Jaime to move on
  • Rest of the guys seem to be going OK
  • Ebin and BalanceBot
    • PR is already in master
    • Autotest is in master
    • Want to support a standard balancebot people could build themselves
      • A reference frame
      • Randy has a bunch of parts coming
      • Jon has shipped Randy a frame
      • Jason Short has published details of the parts he used
        • Including STLs
  • Need to split rate and angle controller
  • Feedforward based on gravity’s effect on the balancebot also a good idea
    • Randy will create issues to cover enhancements
  • Jani is interesting in making ready-made kits for balancebots

UTC2346 - Rover out with minor enhancements went out

UTC2346 - New Copter rc out soon

  • A few outstanding issues
    • D-shot issue
    • Compassmot not working?
    • Log issue
    • Spurious pulses sent to ESCs on reboot
  • We only have to fix regressions, not outstanding issues
    • Particularly on the spurious pulses on bootup, tridge can easily help
  • Lots of ChibiOS fixes
  • Series of logs and delete logs with mission plans
    • Connected via USB
    • Have log disarmed disabled
    • Log failed
    • So if you are armed, erase all logs then it doesn’t start to log again
      • Ever, even after reboot
  • NAV_DELAY isn’t working any more
    • Peter to write tests for this

UTC2353 - Randy and ROS

  • Lots of people have done it, but not documented it well enough
  • Randy is updating Wiki as he goes
  • Hector-SLAM is working for position estimation into ArduPilot
  • Kinetic
    • Two-versions-old….
  • Randy is looking for help on this project
  • Support for Ubuntu 18 would be good

UTC2357 - Plane and new beta 6

  • Went out yesterday
  • Prompted by a number of important fixes
  • Leonard found a tailsitter bug
    • RC rate wasn’t right
      • Burnt out a 400Hz servo :frowning:
      • Correct for most motor layouts
      • [9:58 AM] (Channel) JW: Yeah that was for us. We mourn the death of some servos while giggling frantically
      • Copter will cherry-pick
  • Kakute and Omnibus fixes
  • RC channel zero-trim fix
  • Fixing external compasses on mini-pix
  • Compass autorotation fixes
    • Defaults to check on older boards
    • Racing boards get auto-fixed
  • Important Mission Planner beta went out yesterday too
    • No DFU support yet

UTC0003 - USB vendor/product IDs

  • Tridge is looking at getting some
  • We’ve traditionally borrowed someone else’s
  • Normally a vendor ID is $5,000 and can only be used by a single vendor
  • ChibiOS use the ST one
  • Three ways to get a pid on a vid
    • People who got a VID pre-draconian rule have been selling pid
      • Not liked by the consortium because they will sell fewer VIDs
  • Tridge has got some PIDs
  • [10:05 AM] To Weekly devcall: Are VIDs bought or rented?
    • Consortium say they can “retire” your VID” but they won’t re-use
  • Selling hardware means you need a VID
  • Pid-codes
  • Openmoko
  • Asking about anything to the consortium seemingly reliably results in their lawyers being engaged to make your life miserable
  • USB interface consortium have attempted to enforce things on mcs after-the-fact
  • Don’t use the USB logo!
    • That’s a clear trademark violation

UTC0012 - funding/marketing with Olivier

  • New partner from China coming
    • Hex is helping them
    • PayPal issues….
  • One renewal getting behind
    • But they’ll probably renew
      • In next week or so
  • One contribution-of-the-month expense

UTC0015 - Online log analysis

  • Maxim has been doing some great work on it
  • Much more capable than it was
  • Multiple graphs!
  • Our servers are ready
  • Not open source
    • We have made a note that we do want an Open-Source one and that we might make one in future
  • Want this tool at same level as MAVExplorer
  • Analysis is done locally unless you explicitly upload
  • Want this on the ESP8266
    • Using CORS
    • Log analysis out in the field
  • Only supports BIN
    • Not .tlog or .log
  • Not a droneshare replacement
    • But moving in that direction

UTC0018 - Jon’s tone stuff is in master

  • MML tones etc etc
  • Works on Disco
    • Which is based on HAL-Linux
  • Slightly larger on px4-v2
    • Tridge made soaring optional
      • 5kB
    • Enough breathing space for the time being
    • Could drop more features
    • Enough space on ChibiOS for a long time
    • F405s are 1MB too
      • No IO firmware, ‘though
    • Drop v2 when ChibiOS feature-complete
    • Need to finish the IO firmware based on ChibiOS
    • Another month or so?
    • Lots and lots of people flying ChibiOS
    • Probably ahead of schedule
    • This seems to be turning in to “a ChibiOS release”
  • Probably not putting this tone stuff into the 3.6 Copter and 3.9 Plane
    • Maybe put it in a point release
      • Tridge is thinking of cherry-picking into 3.9.1
    • Randy’s considering putting it into 3.6
      • Compass-cal and tones…
  • [10:25 AM] (Channel) JonChallinger:
  • No tones at startup
    • NTF parameter now silences the device
  • TP: jon. Does this mean we can play any MML we want now? and there are websites/apps where we can convert various audio files to MML?
    • Yes
  • Play_tune has mavlink2 extensions now
    • Luis is looking at the authoring-new-tonesets thing
  • Use Solo tones?
    • Solo maintainers might not like that
    • 3dr open-sourced them

UTC0035 - SPI liaison

  • Congratulations and thanks to James
  • Meeting on the 13th
  • Constitutional changes required
    • Trouble getting numbers together because of inactive members
      • Please sign up to be an SPI member
        • Any contributor to AP is eligible
  • Removing inactive members
    • No vote you get removed eventually
    • Should we do the same thing in ArduPilot?
      • 50 dev-team members on mailing list
        • 19 SPI liaison votes

UTC0039 - partners call?

  • Move it back a week or not?
    • Month falls between Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Will move it back a week
    • Partner’s mailing list needs to be updated
    • And more notice
  • Will update calendar entry too

UTC0041 - run our own mailing list?

  • RBL lists is a real pain
  • Getting more painful to run own mailing list
  • Spam problem on partner’s list is an issue