Dev Call Jan 4, 2021

Issues & Pull Requests




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Attendee count (max): 19

UTC1100 -

  • Correct use of va_list after va_end
  • Merged!

UTC1105 -

  • Should we really be checking the sysid in manual control
  • Break it up into separate functions
  • merged!

UTC1113 -

  • Can be merged after a rebase
  • Tsys01 i2c simulator

UTC1115 -

  • Remove cmake and genromfs
  • Build still works
  • We just don’t use cmake and genromfs

UTC1118 -

  • Just rename a function

UTC1120 -

  • CANDNA storage on f405 fixes
  • Static allocation in storage allocation is kind of bad
    • The pattern in Storagemanager.h could get very nasty as we allocate more storage areas
  • merged

UTC1125 -

  • Log of limit flags
  • Merged!

UTC1127 -

  • Don’t report initial mode switch as a failsafe mode change
  • We should play a tone if we do fail to change the mode
  • User_mode_change_failed tone
  • Randy will ask for changes

UTC1132 -

  • Should we stop using config.h?
  • Who uses APM_config.h?
    • Amilcar!
  • We’ll replace the OSD_ENABLE line define with a line pointing to a wikidoc on how to disable using hwdef

UTC1144 -

  • Magically expanding string buffer
  • Expanding into last 1kB?
    • These are very temporary allocations
  • merged!

UTC1152 -

  • Fast script parameter access with a helper class
  • Much clearer as a change than earlier versions
  • Flash storage can wear out if you set_and_save too much…
  • merged!

UTC1155 -

  • Separates out the external yaw sources into their own types
  • Paul has approved it
  • More observation buffers!
    • Same pattern so allocation is delayed
  • Merged!

UTC1157 -

  • Add CAN driver for MPPT device
  • Uses new framework
  • 1MB flash boards only

  • Can be merged after Peter dismisses his review

UTC0003 -

  • Merged!
  • Rangefinder status orient binding

UTC0003 -

  • Parameter for the delay after you have a failsafe before you descend
  • we ‘ve got too many parameters - and nobody’s going to change this one….

UTC0006 -

  • VectorNAV have a world-wide-gravity-model
  • This just tidies up gravity so we have just one copy of it…

UTC0011 -

  • Tidy
  • … previous is pretty nasty
  • Does dynamic notch to accels?
    • Just gyros
    • Bill would like it for accels too!

UTC0017 -

  • Will move to using a boolean-return-value for “never times out”
  • Just a tidy-up of rc overrides

UTC0020 -

  • Merged
  • Allows for files outside pymavlink tree

UTC0022 -

  • Plane
  • New Plane beta coming
  • Tridge would like the storage-backup patch pulled back into Copter beta
    • Still waiting on someone to have the param-reset bug while running the storage backup code
  • New AP_Periph coming soon

UTC0025 -

  • Copter update
  • New beta coming soon
  • Nobody has reported any bugs on 4.0.6
    • Missing arming tones?
  • For new dev
    • Switching to default EKF3
      • Paul is investigating some issues before we can do that
      • “EKF still initialising”
        • Can arm within 30 seconds but after that this statustext comes out
    • S-curves coming!
      • Two big issues
        • New PID objects with in-built limits
        • We’ve duplicated the classes which is bad
          • Need to stop doing that before merge?
      • Splines
        • One s-curve class which handles both straight and spline waypoints
          • Its kind of two classes squashed into one
        • Need to get splines working properly!
      • People have been testing it

UTC0034 - Rover

UTC0035 - Partner’s call tomorrow morning

UTC0040 - off the floor

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