Dev Call Jan 25, 2021

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Rover: disable switching and arming in INITIALIZING mode #16432

  • Need to prevent changing into Initialize from any other mode
  • Have an Initialize mode for all vehicle

UTC 2313

  • Reserve aux function to help WillyZehnder keep his relative mission branch re-based. Merged.

UTC 2315

  • hoping to get a review from peter or sid, who aren’t here today.

UTC 2319

ground_course_cd() * 0.01f == ground_course(), might as well simplify


UTC 2322

UTC 2337

  • Correcting an error where downloading params could cause the loop rate to slow because of disabled params
  • merged

UTC 2344

  • This resolves issue: #16017
  • Merged

UTC 2347

  • Merged

UTC 2348

  • Custom frames are possible using this
  • Pending review
  • Wiki needed

UTC 0005

  • definitely an improvement, but there are corner cases
  • its old, so at this point merging it is better than not merging it.

UTC 0018

  • More testing and a wiki update required

UTC 0022

  • trivial upstream sync
  • merged

UTC 0024

  • do u want yaw control to be earth-frame or body-frame,? choosing between these should be easy for a user to do, such as rc switch. both are perfectly valid choices, even in the same flight. typically fpv want body-frame, and everyone else wants the other one.
  • discussion, no resolution yet.
  • needs more info from the original requester for their specific scenario.

UTC 0031

  • minor plane release due later today.

UTC 0032

  • bill geyer - new minor release of 4.0.6 copter just done today.

UTC 0038 -

  • rover close to a 4.1 beta test

UTC 0043 - other stuff from randy

  • spline curve update from leonard - nearly there.
  • rishab’s 3d avoidance with a 3d camera is also progressing, includes ‘backing up’ and ground detection via point cloud.

UTC 0045 …off the floor?:

  • henry - pwm / pinno / hwdef / param issue 0 vs 1 indexing of relay controls.
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