Dev Call Jan 18, 2021

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UTC1100 -

  • Allows arming checks to pass with no baro
  • Allows DCM to work without baro (uses GPS)
    • No separate DCM parameters
  • Want some extra parameters to specify fallback AHRS
  • What does the EKF
  • Randy has concerns about supporting no-baro boards
  • Define in hwdef to say fly with no baro
  • Speedybf4 and mambof405v2 have this set

UTC1120 -

  • Treat negative current as zero in flightaxis
  • If we want to support generators we could revisit this
  • Merged

UTC1122 -

  • Persists logging for a while after a transition
  • Corrects q logging for tailsitters
  • Merged

UTC1124 -

  • Constrain value line numbers on all boards
  • Worth the extra cost
  • Merged

UTC1124 -

  • Kakutef7 not building because EK3 is bigger than EK2
  • … it is built as part of CI, so it does build there ATM
  • Need to get EKF3 smaller rather than regressing to EKF2
    • Ifdefs around wheel odometry for example

UTC1130 -

  • Pruning defaults out
  • Merged

UTC1134 -

  • Intermediate step, perhaps to using better common message with int32_t lat/lng
  • Merged

UTC1141 -

  • New linux target to support sensorless boards
  • Try to get get Lucas to look at it

UTC1145 -

  • Forward transition from initial pitch rather than zero
  • Will smoothly transition from backwards-leaning in q to forward flight rather than snapping
  • Merged

UTC1147 -

  • Quadplane windvaning options
  • Allow hovering wing-into-wind
    • Unstable?
  • Want to see real-world flights
  • Goes to closest side

UTC1150 -

  • Some review has been done but no full review
  • Temperature calibration of accels/gyros and persistently store them
    • Stored in same sectors as bootloader
  • Uses 10kB of flash on those boards that implement it
    • Fancy bootloader-based parameter storage only available on F7 and H7
  • Saves a kB on F4 boards due to fixes in optimisations
  • Factory-calibrated accels and gyros…
    • Hex have temperature-chamber logs they may be able to spew parameters out for
  • Built-in-learning too
    • Set a parameter on a cold vehicle, but until it is hot
  • EKF to query IMU about whether it is temperature-calibrated
    • Can change its weighting on allowable gyro drift and current IMU temperatures
  • Improvement?
    • 5x or 10x reduction in drift
  • This time next year hopefully the premium boards will come pre-calibrated from the factory
  • Might look at doing a linear extrapolation rather than flatline out side of calibrated range
  • AP_Periph-based IMUs would report clean data into the autopilot
    • Doesn’t currently do that for baro
    • Need a 5th-order-polygon for baros
    • Need a constant-pressure environment to calibrate a baro…
  • Filtering fixes
  • We’ll probably eliminate the existing tcal library and replace it with something like this
  • Don’t need to recalibrate after this
    • Record temperature calibrated at
  • Plane dead-reckoning will get a lot better
  • Clockwork getting complaints from users about drift as winter hits
  • Put vehicle outside. Wait. Bring vehicle in. Turn on.

UTC0013 -

  • Initial impression from MdB is good
  • Merged!

UTC0018 -

  • Merged
  • Maxbotix understand addr field

UTC0020 -

  • Can be merged after flight testing and valgrinding

UTC0023 -

  • Will rename .id to ._id
    • Breaking!

UTC0031 - Remote ID

  • Software definable read-only option for telemetry port
    • Can only send, not receive
    • Some sort of “passive” bit
    • Don’t obey commands from this port
      • Still forward/log etc etc

UTC0045 Plane Update

  • Coordinating a release with copter

UTC0047 Copter Update

  • Working towards a point release later this week

UTC0050 Rover Update

  • No Update
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