Dev Call Jan 14 2019 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests


  • Plane 3.9.5 Beta


  • Copter 3.6.5 Beta


  • Rover Beta Testing

Funding Committee Update

Attendee count (max): 24


  • Tridge’s meeting snacks

UTC1102 -

  • Merged!

  • Some discussion of sensor failure loop

UTC1111 - spool-up work

UTC1113 -

UTC1115 -

  • Add differential thrust like you get on normal planes to tilt rotors

  • Changes motors matrix to add new API

    • Tridge has tried to avoid changing the API

    • But this one doesn’t require Copter changes

  • Get-roll-factor?

    • Borrowed from matrix to calculate scaling of differential thrust

      • So if you had a tiltrotor hexa it would work correctly

UTC1117 -

  • Normal flight should carry on, just quadmotors stop

    • Shouldn’t it stop everything?
  • String prefix needs fixing

  • Could possibly disable motors in an easier way

  • If you’re in a q-state this could be weird if it doesn’t stop the forward motor

  • Should allow mode change too

    • Logic was you don’t want to enter a q-mode if estop is set
  • Should this be moved into the global RC_Channel library?

  • We have a spinny-thing function in srv_channel

  • is really insufficient for this purpose

    • Booster motors

    • Need a proper “spinny things” function

      • We are probably broken on booster motors with invalid trims
  • Making this general into the future would be good, but making or cover all vehicle types in the future would be great

UTC1130 -

  • It still needs Randy or Leonard to look at it

  • Comment added

UTC1131 -

  • rc1 is the current rc


  • Thanks to tridge for the sd-card fix!

  • Bebop2 fix

  • Rc protocol decoding fix

  • Aux switch / frsky fix

  • Dsm receiver fix

    • Corruption in stream from dsmx receiver would drop things down to 7 channels and 8 would become 0 in log

      • Notionally could go lower
    • Need to rebuild the IO firmware


    • Should already be in
  • Few more things came up

    • Flowhold mode vehicle wobbles when vehicle gets really high

      • Probably expected based on bad height estimate

      • Wobbling gives it more information on height

        • So it usually improves
      • [10:37 AM] (Channel) JP: 20m alt on that sensor isn’t something one should complain about…

      • Bad scaling would also explain it

      • Let’s not give up on >20m just yet

    • oneshot 125 not working on NavIO2

    • Naming issues on one board…

UTC1140 - Rover and Randy

  • MP updates required for aux switches

  • Parameter load time

  • 3.5rc2 later this week?

UTC1142 -

  • Rangefinder parameters

  • User is continuing to rebase - thanks!

  • Parameter copying-across needs testing

UTC1143 -

  • Removing some redundant resets and constraining

  • Style difference?

  • Merged!

UTC1145 -

  • Peter’s concern is GCSs that don’t look for the nak

    • Would lose any indication things are failing
  • Qgc doesn’t do partial uploads

  • Should allow it to extend

  • MP does use partial list

  • [10:50 AM] (Channel) JP: There’s a bunch of gcs potentially affected - ie ugcs, etc

  • Statustext is going back in

    • We can nuke it in a year or whatever
  • MdB will send something to the GCS mailing list notifying them statustext is going away

  • [10:55 AM] (Channel) JW: I asked Kelly if he is using partial mission upload in Solex… he replied, “What are partial mission uploads” … so that’s cool.

UTC1151 - Plane 3.9.5 out shortly

  • Leonard found some important things

  • VTOL takeoff in quadplanes was honouring lat/lon in mission item

  • Subtle bug in ekf yaw resets

  • Mag anomalies

  • Handled it slightly too late in loop so it didn’t have any effect

  • Added better battery simulation for quadplanes

  • Trying to track Copter releases

UTC1154 - no onion work

  • Really just needed a little bit of cleanup

  • Tridge is happy with the general structure

UTC1158 - Rover

  • Jaime’s doing interesting work on non-GPS

  • … and ICE engine support

  • Avoidance stuff coming to Rover

  • E.g. the canberrauav stuff

  • Existing dodge stuff is not sufficient and can’t be sufficient

  • Some equivalent to Rover CRUISE mode would allow it to work in a manual-ish mode

  • Randy’s worked on set-message-interval in ROS

    • Works and is in MAVROS master

UTC0008 - Self nominations for funding committee

  • Francisco, Tom, James, Jaime, Philip

  • Thanks to those who nominated!

  • Vote will go up after meeting

UTC0009 - Jani and Shenzhen

  • List of names who would participate in Shenzhen event

    • Let Jani know if you’re interested in attending/talking

    • End of month

  • Promotions after end of next month

  • Want to grow the event!

UTC0012 - CANBUS peripheral code

  • Can attach any i2c code to a CAN node and it becomes available in ArduPilot

    • E.g. compasses, airspeed sensors, rangefinders, …

  • Can discover buses


  • No plans for SPI ATM

    • High-rate is problematic over CAN

    • 1ms round-trip

    • OSD, potentially?

  • [11:15 AM] (Channel) JP: Are you aware that Pavel is releasing a breaking update for uavcan shortly: will probably need a separate implementation

    • Tao vs bzero?

    • Uavcan1.0

      • Probably already using it
  • [11:17 AM] (Channel) iampete: would be nice to use a cheap ‘beta flight’ board as a can extender for a cube

    • These nodes are smaller and possibly cheaper

    • F103 128k versions possibly cheaper than the 64k ATM

      • They should be drop-in replacements

      • Pretty tight ATM

      • Bootloader takes a chunk of space

        • 8kB for tridge’s

        • Probably 16kB by the time CAN is in there

UTC0016 - Funding committee update

  • expenses in last month or so

  • Unconference

    • Three applications for sponsorship for members

      • All approved
    • GSoC student also approved

      • More of a GSoC expense than an Unconference expense
  • new contributor of the year?
  • Nominations?

  • want to wrap up Proposals before new funding committee comes out

  • Want to give a snapshot before dumping on new committee

    • Randy used to use a spreadsheet to give a quick estimate
  • Randy would like to see more regular updates from the committee

    • E.g. quarterly
  • Great Summer in terms of sign-ups

    • Tailed off a bit as it got colder

    • Another couple coming in, ‘though