Dev Call Feb 28, 2022

Issues & Pull Requests




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UTC1100 -

  • Parachute issues again…
  • parachute_enabled==2?
    • For ”manual release only
  • Peter will make a new enumeration value, PARACHUTE_ENABLEANDRELEASE
  • Mission commands can enable parachutes
  • Stop overwriting the parameters when switch is toggled
  • Add enum value 2 to mean manual only


  • Adds mavproxy command to do angular velocity commands
  • degrees/second

UTC1126 -

  • Use has_valid_input in place of throttle counter
  • Fixes a problem with use of RC input
  • Merged!

UTC1129 -

  • Stagnation pressure comment fix
  • Documentation for enum values

UTC1131 -

  • Custom rotation library
  • Enable parameter if you ever use a custom rotation
  • ROTATION_CUSTOM1 parameters
  • Anything which uses a rotation can use one of these custom ones
  • Should’ve been done this way to start off with
  • 321 eulers are our own defaults
  • 312 is a special one for some reasons
  • No euler 123
  • Rotation matrix first allocated when you first use

UTC1141 -

  • Out-of-range means triggerlow
  • No option bit
    • Wait for someone to ask for it
  • Behavioural change!
  • merged!

UTC1141 -

  • Fix sanitize location
  • Change of behavior!
  • Stops us losing the altitude frame in sanitize_location
  • Merged!

UTC1156 -

  • We currently log the current qpos state and then update
    • Now we double-log
    • Nice to get the change?
      • Tailsitters would currently missing a state if you only logged the new one
  • Merged!

UTC1159 -

  • Correct rebootrequired parameter status
  • Merged!

UTC0001 -

UTC0005 -

  • Change to relative frame to avoid terrain bug with takeoff
  • Randy will look at

UTC0007 -

  • Needs a better name
  • Include rate?
  • Probably be useful more for underclocking than overclocking
    • For AP_Periph

UTC0010 -

  • Publish external flash
  • Build into apj?
  • Documentation
  • Allows bootstrapping
  • Need to recreate the magic fix-H7 fileagain
    • Automatic cleanup script issues
  • Trusting Andy knows what he’s doing here; seems to do nothing for the most part given the zero-size check

UTC0014 -

  • Include cleanups
  • Merged

UTC0021 -

  • Offset error in EK3
  • Well spotted by issue creator!
  • PR created and merged for this
  • Constraint will be ineffective
  • Magic numbers bite us…
    • Resurrect the PR to try to make it clearer what’s what in the core

UTC0029 -

  • Set_radius_cm rather than set_radius on circlenav
  • Merged!
  • Nice contribution

UTC0031 -

  • Board list knows how to take vehicles to build for from hwdef files
  • Merged

UTC0041 - Tightly-Coupled Post-Processing of IMU/GNSS data

UTC0048 -

  • Plane update
  • 4.2 soon!
  • 4.1 seems OK… No news is good news?
  • CANFD before 4.2
  • Ship landing before 4.2?
  • First beta before those, perhaps
  • Node_capabilties message needed to allow nodes to negotiate whether they’re going to do high speed
  • BXCAN is current standard

UTC0050 - Copter update

  • 4.2beta1 is out
  • 110 changes listed in the Copter release
    • Hours and hours of work
    • 4.2 category in discuss
    • Hopefully we get some reports coming in

UTC0055 - Rover update

  • No SCurve in 4.2
  • All good except it slows too much in corners
    • Same thing in multirotor but people don’t notice it as much
    • Leonard has the fixes but needs to check things like DO_CHANGE_SPEED etc
    • In order to maintain a constant speed through the apex of the corner we need to consider the following leg before we brake for the current segment
    • Two waypoints together with a very short leg we have a very minimum duration given the duration given by constant-jerk
      • Moving to peak-snap
    • “Fast waypoint” and “short waypoints” are things being looked at

UTC0100 - GSoC update

  • Partially updated GSoC ideas list
  • Tridge needs to look through the list
  • List of Suggested Projects for GSoC 2022 — Dev documentation
  • Mentor bandwidth is the issue
    • Only three last year
    • Earlier years it was 5 or 6
  • If any core dev wants to mentor - please ping Randy
  • Probably want to encourage students to do the 350 hour thing

UTC0107 - close