Dev Call Feb 25 2019 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests


plane 3.9.6 release



Attendee count (max): 21

UTC2302 -

  • Can be merged when travis passes

  • Reordering command ack and home_position should be OK

UTC2310 -

  • Avoid iterm buildup on landing

  • Flipping on landing with a quadplane or Copter? This should fix that

  • Slightly off accel cals a little bit off?

    • EKF can report a non-zero velocity in this case

    • Aiming for zero velocity as you are when you’re landing then the integrator starts to wind up

      • 2D x/y controller PIDs
    • We set throttle-mix to min on landing

      • But if you pass an attitude error threshold then the throttle mix goes to maximum

        • So it all goes to hell really fast

          • Typically one or two motors go to full throttle
  • [10:12 AM] (Channel) Michael_duBreuil: Note: until a different PR came in this week this was essentially no impact on plane…

    • We now set throttle mix to minimum
  • merged!

UTC2314 -

UTC2316 -

  • Gear might come out when they go over a hill

  • Merged!

UTC2324 -

  • Tridge kind of likes the intermediate function

  • If we need one we’ll add one back

  • Randy is happy with it!

UTC2325 -

  • Tridge has asked for a couple of small tidy-ups

  • FF is happy with it

  • Randy is worried about Paul’s PRs not getting merged

UTC2327 -

  • Rename set orientation to update orientation

  • Merged!

UTC2328 -

  • Should we add a sanity check into set_home so that you can never set an altitude relative to itself?

    • Pretty rare thing to do
  • Can be merged!

UTC2330 -

  • Randy’s not in favour of more parameters

  • New functionality

  • New mission item for termination?


    • Uploading missions in flight makes life interesting there.

  • Current concept is Dual termination

    • So navigate home safely when comms lost

    • But terminate if you lose both

  • Description needs to be a LOT clearer about what’s going on

  • Autotests would be good

  • Merit in the feature if it can be cleaned up

UTC2344 -

  • Peter will add a parameter - just not

  • [10:48 AM] (Channel) Michael_duBreuil: You can’t target some really intresting messages :smiley:

  • [10:48 AM] (Channel) edwin.hayes: Yay!

  • [10:48 AM] (Channel) Michael_duBreuil: MANUAL_CONTROL and CMD_ACK are great :slight_smile:

  • [10:48 AM] (Channel) edwin.hayes: As Peter says, it’s total nonsense.

  • Expiring from routing table?

    • One way links are not uncommon

    • Could lose an aircraft that way

    • Could save bytes and traffic

    • Switching links only

      • Not removing

UTC2353 -

  • Change the panic to a print and then it can be merged

UTC2355 -

UTC0010 -

UTC0012 -

  • More reviews, please!

UTC0012 -

  • Has been flight tested

  • merged!

UTC0013 -

  • No movement on this one

UTC0014 -

  • Only keeps state in the library

  • Randy likes that bit

  • Will get squashed and tidies

UTC0014 - should we allow zero-d-terms?

  • Tridge thinks we should allow zero-P always

  • Randy thinks we shouldn’t allow zero

  • Came to consensus on D-term question

  • Should we lift this code into the attitudecontroller and position controller?

    • later!

UTC0022 -

  • merged!

UTC0024 -

  • Rebased and ready to be looked at

  • Needs a careful review as the rebase might have been odd

  • Needs testing with in-flight compass testing

    • SITL testing is fine

    • One example where we use the compass when unhealthy

      • Calibration is another

UTC0025 -

  • Peter to make it a single parameter then it can be merged

UTC0030 - update on Avoidance

  • Change to mavros to accept a position target


  • Fly-to-here can flow through to ROS and get added to path-local-plan

    • Will calculate velocity and turn commands to drive around obstacles
  • You use a different component ID to target the ROS code

    • [11:32 AM] (Channel) Jaime: And as long as you are not targeting the flight controller, ardupilot will ignore the guided point?
  • ENU coordinate conversion…

  • north/south currently flipped, which is odd

  • More testing from others would be good

  • Michael_duBreuil: lol those multipliers die with large distances IIRC…

  • ECEF earth-centre-earth-frame

    • Need double-precision
  • Add some sort of failsafe for getting lost or stuck?

  • Thinking about set-position-target-locall-ned support

    • Move along the path to the waypoint?

UTC0039 - new Plane 3.9.6b1

  • Stability and large-altitude-delta fixes

  • Compass switching fix for EKF

  • Final release very soon

    • Lots of testing for most things in Copter release
  • Tridge would like to merge the H7 support very soon

    • Need people to fly this PR on everything and everything!


    • Pushes us to next version of ChibiOS, so needs a lot of testing

    • Changes to all boards:

      • Hwef.dat can specify optimisation level

      • CubeBlack is -O3

        • Rather than -Os
      • [11:43 AM] To Weekly devcall: What happens when we need that space back?

        • 50k or 60k of flash

          • Going to be a long time before we come close to the 2MB on these boards

          • Cross this road when we come to it

    • No microsd support ATM

  • Bug fixed with being in sensor failure loop

UTC0044 - Randy and copter


  • Couple of new issues

  • Land position broken

  • Vehicle lands short of waypoints

    • Leash length issue
  • Can also cause a fast deceleration

    • Right back to angle limits
  • Also merging i-term stuff from tridge and Leonard

  • Lots of questions from people with EK2_ALT_SOURCE=1

    • Why do people even use this?

    • Paul says only to be used at low altitudes over flat surfaces with a vehicle not moving quickly

      • Indoors, IOW!
    • People think this is what you do to do terrain following

    • Pre-arm check if you have GPS lock and using this alt source?

      • Gps mav type should probably be allowed
    • Upside-down EKF also used this alt-source

    • Could stop fusing the rangefinder if the attitude goes beyond limits

  • New estimates-agree pre-arm checks are triggering

    • Might need to tweak them

    • Tests EKF3 if its enabled but not being used

  • New beta later in the week?

UTC0053 -

  • Rover beta release coming up to include compass switching issue

UTC0054 - GSoC

  • We got accepted!

    • Announcement tomorrow
  • Need to update the list

    • Tridge has had a couple of ideas

      • Some waf based stuff

        • Dependencies

        • Build speedup

    • MdB: Mavlink fuzzer

UTC0056 - contribution of the month nominations welcome