Dev Call Feb 15, 2021

Issues & Pull Requests




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Attendee count (max): 16

UTC2300 -

  • Wiki theme update
  • Needs screenshots and testing instructions

UTC2304 -

  • Spelling error needs fixing…
  • Will be back with this one

UTC2309 -

  • Scripting should be able to do this
  • Sense this doesn’t affect flight code we won’t be merging this

UTC2313 -

  • New PR based on old PR
  • This isn’t the strategic approach…
  • Another bit for “local frame” in Location
    • Not really acceptable
  • Should really be “stored_in_vector3f” stuff

UTC2318 -

  • FIXMEs are probably not FIXMEs
    • Lost samples do bad things, live with it….

UTC2326 -

  • Merged
  • RPM pin was shown when it shouldn’t have been

UTC2327 -

  • Merged
  • No timeouts when running under gdb, *10 under Valgrind

UTC2328 -

  • SBP improve config string handling
  • Merged

UTC2331 -

  • Bloat tracking
  • Needs to work off the elf file rather than the bin file
  • Its the size of the bin file we really care about…

UTC2342 -

  • The noqa stuff is painful
  • E203
  • Pep8 is painful in places

UTC0004 -

  • Status text when ftp fails
  • Ftp-disabled gets set?
  • Capability bit should indicate whether we can do FTP
  • So these new strings shouldn’t appear with a well-behaved GCS, so probably not worth the bytes
  • merge

UTC0006 -

  • move GPS logging

  • Merge after blended logging is checked

UTC0011 -

  • Saves 1.7kB of flash
  • Probably leave it enabled by default

UTC0014 -

  • Mission Planner will warn about a value-out-of-range so this will add potential support issues
  • Description says, “below this percentage”, so 0 is a better default that -1

UTC0016 -

  • Low-temperature compensation
    • Merged

UTC0021 -

  • Trying to still use config.h in the face of HAL_FOO_ENABLE
  • This really doesn’t work as the libraries will still use the code
  • People were using apm_config.h to do configuration
    • And we broke it for external developers
    • This is someone trying to enable/disable in the old way

UTC0027 -

  • Runs yaw controller at full rate
  • Merged!

UTC0030 -

  • Sidebars for attitude in OSD
  • Not useful for someone not using airspeed?
    • Synthetic airspeed works?
    • Maybe people want groundspeed?

UTC0046 -

  • Tailsitter fixes
  • 90 degree error in position controller when you switch modes
    • This fixes that
  • Henry has tested this pre-refactor
  • Right now if you do loiter on ground with a TVBS then the motors tilt to 45 immediately (push forward, propstrike)
  • This was the last of the propstrike on tvbs while on the ground bugs
  • Henry can test it again
  • Does this affect non-TVBS?
    • New subclass
    • Only difference is the init-xy-controller is different
    • Uses the subclass for all quadplanes and passes a bool
    • Only use subclass in TVBS?
      • Would need to cast the class
  • Maybe get Leonard’s input on whether we can change the new target for all vehicles instead of just tailsitter
  • Randy’s not a fan of the new boolean-taking method
  • IamPete will look at the FIXME in the position controller

UTC0054 -

  • Add check that submodules are initialised
  • Non-functional according to Peter’s testing

UTC0100 -

  • you must always be inside at least one inclusion group fence
  • Non-intersecting fences at different locations
  • Randy will have a look
  • Scary but awesome

UTC0105 -

  • QGC fence support for Plane
  • Stop using Plane geofence handling
    • Polyfence Copter code instead
  • Feature complete?
    • Yes, out-of-date

UTC0119 -

  • Fix mag cal param description
  • Existing bug COMPASS_USE vs COMPASS_USE2 means comment is confusing?
  • The entire sentence can just be removed

UTC0127 -

  • Mission sprayer control

UTC0129 -

  • Takes space in every sandbox
  • Generalised mavlink sending would be nicer
  • Scripting is the way to do gathering of non-flightcode sensor data…
  • Named-value-float really good for this sort of thing
  • There’s also debug_vector
  • Named-value-floats are quick and easy to work with
  • Merged…
  • Deprecation might be a problem for script bindings….
  • Everything we add makes it more difficult to add to 1MB boards….

UTC0136 -

  • Different way of not showing as unhealthy on GCS
  • So stay not-enabled rather than saying we’re healthy
  • Bypassing warning in different way
  • What does “healthy” mean for an AHRS?
    • Nothing unhealthy about not having GPS on Copter
  • initialised() is cores allocated and the settle-time has passed
  • MdB would like us to be unhealthy all the time until you have GPS
  • Using running EKF type rather than configured EKF type when determining health is bad
  • Merged!

UTC0154 -

  • We’re going to remove the arming check instead?
  • We’ll make it PRX_DIST in metres
  • People liked this

UTC0158 -

  • SCurve stuff moving along nicely

UTC0202 - Plane update

  • Plane release RSN

UTC0203 - GSoC

  • Need to prune the Wiki page
  • If you want to mentor, update Wiki

UTC0204 - Conference

  • 9-11 April
  • If you have a talk you’d like to give then contact Tridge

UTC0204 - close