Dev Call Dec 3 2018 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests

Non GPS Navigation


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Attendee count (max): 21

UTC2304 -

  • Adding Solo targets to the build

  • Why two builds?

    • Can’t we differentiate them?

    • We can but the default parameters are different

      • Why can’t we differentiate based on IMU sensors at runtime?
    • Possibly use the .apj stuff instead?

      • Just take the Cube target and add extra parameters

      • This would be ideal - just use apjtool to tack things on

    • We do stuff in tailsitter code based on stuff at runtime, can’t we do the same thing here?

    • No way to detect the difference between the Cubes?

      • Have to ask the user

      • No, you can make an educated guess

        • But then you’d have to be able to force compatible behaviour in the case the user has replaced their Cube
  • Use frame params directory?

  • Solo and Solo-black rather than Solo-Green and Solo-Black?

  • MdB: Solo Solo-Green is a lot clearer IMO

UTC2325 -

  • More rangefinders?

  • Would be a lot of parameters…

    • Parameter download time!

      • Used to be wonderfully fast….
    • Enable parameters!

      • Sounds like a good idea…

      • Do we hold the PR?

        • No

        • Ask for a rebase?

          • Maybe just rebase it ourselves…

          • Randy will have a peek at this

UTC2329 -

  • Requested changes from last week have been done

  • Works better with ccw than master and previous version

  • Needs tridge or Tom to look at it

  • Flown on NuttX or ChibiOS?

    • NuttX
  • Negatives?

    • Amusing things happen if you give the L1 a negative radius…

UTC2332 -

  • Randy’s not against having an initialising mode

  • Mavlink message definitions

  • MdB uses initialising mode to reset timers and the like on Plane

    • Seems to be quite reliable
  • Randy will review

UTC2335 -

  • Works great in SITL

  • Issue with testing on FMUv3, another day or so hopefully will lead to fix

  • Later we will move to separate thread, sleep/wake up. Better, more efficient solution compared to current implementation that checks at 400hz all the time.

  • MdB: Would be nice for most GCS usage :slight_smile:

  • [10:41 AM] (Channel) MdB: Only get data you care about…

UTC2341 - non-GPS nav

  • Changes to ROS required for it to send the set-message-interval command

  • Mario and friends have been having a good amount of luck with Cartographer

UTC2344 - new flow sensor

  • 40m was holding position

    • Probably limit
  • Setting Ek2_flow-delay low seemed to screw up the EKF2 badly

    • As in crashing vehicle due to wild velocity estimates

    • [10:46 AM] To Weekly devcall: We have GPS position vs ahrs position prearm checks.

    • [10:46 AM] To Weekly devcall: We could add velocity check as well

UTC2346 - Plane update (without tridge!)

  • Nate’s been testing the new IO firmware

  • MdB thinks Planes are awesome and Copters are not

UTC2347 -

  • New rc

  • Will definitely be a 3.6.4

    • Bad logging message

      • Tridge’s hardware made the problem go away for him so unable to replicate with a logic analyser still

      • Tridge added some retries into ChibiOS

    • Terrain database and LIDAR fixes too

UTC2351 - Rover 3.5 beta testing

  • Rc1 has been out for a few weeks

  • One bug found yesterday to do with entering auto if you have no mission

  • Copter 3.6 release takes a lot of time away

UTC2353 - no more responses to the funding for conference thing during the meeting

  • Can’t chat with James about this due to bad connection

  • [10:56 AM] (Channel) JamesPattison: Vote for funding a community member to attend unconference looks pretty split (50/50)

  • [10:57 AM] (Channel) JamesPattison: Minimise (case by case) is leading for dev attendance subsidising

  • [10:58 AM] (Channel) JamesPattison: Only 17 votes

UTC2355 - new SITL merged!

  • Morse

  • 3D simulator

  • Based on Blender

UTC2358 - nominations for contribution of the month encouraged!

UTC2359 - Partner’s call tomorrow