Dev Call Dec 28, 2020

Issues & Pull Requests




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UTC1100 - Welcome to Ari

UTC1101 -

  • Streamrate parameters
  • Based on number of gcs mavlink backends we have
  • Default was 5
  • Circling around the gcs top-level parameter object
  • Single enable parameter for stream rate control?
    • SR_ENABLE parameter?
    • If false then we hide all the streamrates
    • If true then we map 1-1 onto the serial port numbers
    • optimum range on things like dragonlink requires certain stream rates so you have to stop the fiddling of rates by the GCS
    • Mapping between port and rangefinder number
  • We used to have separate protocol numbers for 1st gps / second gps
  • For 4.1 we could change our stream rate parameters
    • No auto-upgrade
  • Persist individual message intervals via SD card?
  • GCS_SR set of parameters
  • Current PR is nice and simple and could probably go in as-is?
  • Docstring stuffed
  • we‘ll probably merge this as-is…

UTC1124 -

  • Use PixRacer as an AP_Periph
  • Needs to allocate an ID as all new board types require

UTC1128 -

  • MSP_PORT parameter to disable MSP
  • Avoids CAN packet loss
  • Enables DMA
  • Still corrupting a packet every minute or two
    • Still need to chase that down
  • Timeout handling on F3 is probably a bit off
  • 1kHz on F3 rather than 1MHz
  • Protocols in periph are different
  • GPS_PORT==2 rather than using serial protocol
    • Resource constraints (parameters, flash)
  • Protocol to port or port to protocol?
  • Number is the serial port number, not silkscreen…
  • Really need Serialn_protocol_in serialn_protocol_out
    • So you can use xmit and receive separately (e.g. rangefinder into AP and MSP out)
  • No parameter documentation for CAN at the moment
  • SITL parameters and CAN parameters…
  • AP_Periph parameter set will be a separate set of XML

UTC1139 -

  • Mavlink2 support in CSharp
  • This will break support
    • Doubts others are using it
  • Can merge once CI passing

UTC1142 -

  • Parameter access in scripting
  • Naming
  • AP_Param ardupilot parameter and Parameter in scripting
    • But they’re basically the same thing…
  • Looking up by name is too slow
  • This allows real-time fiddling

UTC1150 -

  • Moving loiter and thermal our of auto fs group
  • No pilot in put in loiter mode…
    • Will circle forever in RC failsafe
    • Continue-in-auto will not land elegantly
  • This changes things on will-it-complete…
  • Significant behavioural change
    • Makes it match the docs
  • Copter FS options parameter required in Plane

UTC1155 -

  • Removes OwnPtr
  • Tries to avoid having two subsystems having access to the same device pointer
  • Instantiate, handle to device thread, no longer use it yourself
  • Sometimes we do want two pointers to same device
    • Mavlink devop
    • Lsm303d mag + accel needs a pointer in INS and compass libraries
  • We shouldn’t just merge this without more discussion
  • Has this ever saved us from a problem?
    • How would we know that?
  • Patterns protect us rather than ownptr/uniqueptr?

UTC0005 -

  • Needs flight testing
  • Can be merged after it’s been put through some real flight testing

UTC0010 -

  • AP_Button expand info in metadata
  • Flapping CAN test

UTC0011 -

  • Can be merged after we change to treat 0-0 as

UTC0019 -

  • Rc channel override release fixes
  • Can be merged after type fixed

UTC0022 - weird telemetry rates on 433 radio

  • Reproducible so should be fixed soon…

UTC0023 - plane

  • Generally happy
  • Airspeed fix for a new Plane stable, perhaps…

UTC0023 - Copter

  • Not too much to report on Copter
  • EK3-still-initialising bug still being chased….
    • Randy might try to chase it
  • S-curves stuff hasn’t been chased yet

UTC0026 - Plane changes

  • Min-pitch in hand-launch PR fixed

UTC0027 - EK3-source-yaw parameter split

  • Waiting on Paul
  • Want before 4.1 beta

UTC0028 - Copter 4.0.6rc1

  • Bill and Amilcar
  • Just before xmas
  • Two week time period for testing…
  • Facebook post was made
  • Need to merge release notes to master

UTC0032 - Rover

  • Same blockers as for Copter

UTC0033 - close

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