Dev Call Dec 14, 2020

Issues & Pull Requests




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Attendee count (max): 19

UTC1100 -

  • Javascript bindings get signing
  • Verbose output…
  • Perhaps we should have the C code write the canonical output…
  • Testsuite to write a tlog
  • Mavagent… something like mavproxy in javascript
  • Would be able to redo skyrocket stuff based on javascript rather than going via json with this stuff…

UTC1102 -

  • Can be merged after CI passes

UTC1108 -

  • Removing incorrect information
  • Make zero use default address of sensor
    • Release notes will need to say that address-zero now uses default for the device
  • Maybe make the Device class stop you using things twice?

UTC1114 -

  • 16-bit log id and vehicle id?
  • Peter will implement the message

UTC1120 -

  • Bindings condition on ifdefs
  • New Exists function
    • exist:quadplane()
  • Paves way for more functions in scripting which won’t be on all boards
  • Tridge like this
  • MdB asked for some changes which have been done

UTC1121 -

  • Need to maintain the uart and set up the begin and everything
  • Have a list of serial protocols
  • Port tx-size could be an issue?
  • Higher-numbered channels?

UTC1126 -

  • Use hal.serial(n)
  • uartA etc etc in private structure of the HAL - not even accessible to subclasses
  • –uartB still works
    • But tridge would like to change this
    • –serial5=
    • Will break startup scripts on Linux when CLI changes
      • Might try to have compatability
  • Merged!

UTC1134 -

  • Rebased version of other PR
  • Really want this for 4.1….
  • James from Sypaq…
    • AC_Fence using integer lat/lng
    • Altitude fences?
    • Autoenable?
  • Tests need to pass….
  • Original PR is about ready…

UTC1142 -

  • Argument made that signal quality is a good idea

UTC1146 -

  • Merged

UTC1146 -

  • Merged!

UTC1147 -

  • We don’t distinguish between IAS and CAS
  • Merged

UTC1148 -

  • Can just send the string “reboot” instead?
  • sends “reboot”?!
  • Can change that instead….
  • Reboot immediately or send command?

UTC1157 -

  • Ap_periph rcout
  • Using “out” rather than “servos”
  • Actuator array command maps to rc1 through 16
  • Defaults function to rcin
  • Mix and match servos…
  • Neopixels too
  • Armed and safety state?
  • On boot disabled
    • Safety state starts Not Safe!
      • Needs to be fixed
      • Driving propellers into wings at startup is bad, and we only just fixed that
    • Can-specific Safety default parameter
      • Safety on but can be turned off
  • Need to worry about rebooting - need to stop sending pulses
    • Zero-width outputs needed….
    • 2ms delay so pulses are out
  • BRD_SAFETY_ENABLE is the right name
  • Maybe put equivalent code for the zeroing into AP_Periph
  • Need to make sure F103 GPS firmware size doesn’t change

UTC0015 -

  • Designed decisions
  • Tacked onto bottom of style guide…
  • Merged!

UTC0018 -

  • Tradheli moving to be more like multi integrator management
  • Keyed off collective output to motors and the landing detector
  • Loiter already does a little like this
  • “Leaky” integrator with low groundspeed goes away
    • Keys off landing detector instead
      • Freezes integrator on land-complete-maybe
      • Exponentially decays on land-complete over 0.5s
  • Starts integrator based on collective level
  • Hover-collective is now a thing on Heli
  • Old leaky code as an option?
  • Bitmask parameter for options…
  • Parameter types might be an option
  • Tradheli parameters are mixed in with multis which isn’t great

UTC0032 -

  • Tandem heli users have trouble adjusting swash plate height between rotor heads
    • Have to change three parameters
    • Differential collective pitch trim
    • Any cg offset integrator can be zeroed using this

UTC0034 -

  • Zero begin breaks msp sensor in sitl
  • This fixes that

UTC0038 -

  • Good concept, needs work

UTC0038 -

  • Collaboration with Kris is working out really, really nicely
  • This is another big improvement coming out of it
  • Yaw improvements
  • Thanks to Arace for sponsoring Brandon to create us a really nice tilt-rotor model for us!
  • More testing required
  • PH will have a look at it
  • Sim-vehicle to use a pre-built binary
  • Leonard’s good with AP_Motors changes

UTC0046 - Plane

  • 4.1 on top of landing approach for QuadPlane plus tilt-vectored stuff…
  • Maybe need another 4.0 release for it?
  • Steadily heading towards 4.1

UTC0047 - Copter

  • Rover is closest to being able to start beta testing
  • EKF default to 3 yet to be done
  • Want to fix the yaw drifting issue…
    • Paul has PRd a fix
  • Backwards-compat with EK3 on Plane needs to be looked at
    • Need to look at methodology of compass-less flying
  • Set-default-by-name in vehicle code?
    • Save-parameter problem?
    • Treat as yaw-source-none if ENABLE is off or all are use 0

UTC0055 - s-curves

  • Lots of work to get it in
  • Terrain-following issues
  • Flying off cliffs with only a cm of error…
  • Navigation s-curves are very close
    • Input-shaping s-curves for Plane landing need to be polished

UTC0058 - lots of work going on in simple avoidance in 3D

  • PR is getting closer to being mergeable
  • might make 4.1
    • Not a blocker

UTC0058 - new point release for Copter

  • Tridge might help Amilcar create a point release for Copter for Bill’s tradheli patches
  • Tradheli Autotune into 4.1 would be awesome

UTC0101 - close

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