Dev Call Dec 10 2018 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests

Morse Simulator


  • new release,
  • multicast udp support

nuttx removal


  • new plane release 3.9.4


  • Release update


  • Release update


Canberra Conference

Attendee count (max): 23

UTC2304 -

  • Should have a separate airspeed sensor

  • Knowing ground pressure would actually be nice

  • We used to send it

  • Moving to using the airspeed sensor recently

    • Probably not in a release

    • 4th March 2018

  • Airspeed2 is a named pair

  • Should fix this with another message?

  • Sensor values in tlogs

  • No Scaled_pressure_send in px4 firmware

  • We should create an airspeed message

    • Synthetic and real

    • One message with three fields?

    • An array of four?

    • Zero-truncation….

  • resolution : send separate airspeed sensor data

  • Do we send a scaled_pressure2 if no second baro?

    • Vote is, “yes”

UTC2322 -

  • Add edn backend for docs

  • Extra pip tool required

  • Scope creeps:

    • Fixed bitmask on Plane where it had commas in it
  • merged

UTC2324 -

  • Do-go-around

    • For landing approaches
  • Store do-go-around in mission

  • Like do-land-start

  • E.g. continue approach along runway and follow waypoints to get clear of airspace then retry landing approach

  • Need to remove the warning

    • After correcting the grammar
  • Drive-by fix related to zero vs one indexing

  • SITL testing works OK

  • Throttle abort has been moved

    • Currently this PR is mavlink-only

    • We need to do this on throttle abort

    • Use singleton in AP_Landing?

    • Quadplane stuff not present in library

      • Special-case it

      • Would need to add throttle-based stuff into the quadplane stuff separately

  • Deferred so MdB and tridge can talk

UTC2333 - relative vs labelled jumps with MdB

  • Add jump tag to as mission item

  • GCS can draw appropriate lines

  • This is the preference from the mavlink side

  • Relative has the advantage of not needing to scan

    • But we scan anyway for random other things
  • Where do we store missions?

    • FRAM is read at boot - tridge

    • We write to storage at runtime

      • But never read it
  • Except in SITL - it does a pread

UTC2338 - request to get a specific Solo build

  • Didn’t get through this last week

  • Want to get builds on the autotest server

    • Only needs default parameters

      • So could use apj build to do it

      • But quick enough to do a build for it

      • Put parameters into hwdef directory


  • Looks fine to tridge

    • Build times are negligible

    • Why not use apj?

      • It does use apjtool

        • But post-build and relies on caches
  • merged!

  • will get a patch

  • Throttle slew rate patch is being tested by volunteers at the moment

    • Matt and Leonard are pushing this

    • Also testing ChibiOS IO firmware

  • 3 or 4 testers at the moment

    • 10-ish others too!

UTC2348 -

  • Make ArduCopter have an initialising mode

  • Remove devcall tag

UTC2349 -

  • Tridge wants to test it

UTC2348 - Morse simulation stuff

UTC2352 - MAVProxy changes

  • Multivehicle stuff and a few other features

  • Set parameters on esp8266 radios separately from vehicle

  • Will be able to manipulate parameters on CAN devices

    • So use MAVProxy to change CAN parameters rather than hw device
  • Should be able to manipulate Solo gimbal parameters now

UTC2358 - PR for NuttX

  • MdB has reservations

  • Tridge will continue to negotiate

UTC2359 - Plane 3.9.4 went out

  • Same small sets of changes that went into Copter 3.6 latest release

  • Vehicles are tracking each other nicely at the moment on these things

UTC0000 - AUVSI update

  • Will be getting a booth again

  • Hex, SpektreWorks, maybe BlurRobotics

  • Need to choose booth soon and finalise participant list

  • May be able to have an “ArduPilot-specific” section due to negotiations

UTC0000 - Copter release update

  • 3.6.3 out last Wednesday

  • Couple of fixes

  • PixHawk4 fixes were most important

  • 3.6.4 will be coming


    • Gimbal extremes on boot fix

    • Disable reboot when armed

    • Still need to address dataflash reliability

      • Could just be better reporting

      • Works with master but not on 3.6?!

        • Is it consistent?
      • Tridge has spent some time on it

        • Bus analyzer is now in place

        • Micro to full-size-breakout back to micro

        • Reproducible test case went away when this breakout was put in place

        • Jeff thinks it might be an electrical problem

          • But it’s dead on boards it was working on before
        • Tridge is thinking of changing gpio pin speed settings

        • 2.5Mhz 20Mhz pin speeds etc etc

        • “Ringing” on pin transitions?

        • Longer cables == low-pass-filter effect?

          • Jeff: yes it can work like that

          • Capacitance could also be affecting things

        • Saleae is very convenient

          • Mighthave to get the Rygol out, ‘though
        • Eye diagram

          • 0-1 1-0 transitions
      • Possible steps?

        • Change GPIO settings

        • Run bus clock at lower rate

        • Add retries?

        • Reinitialise whole driver

        • Tell people to re-lay-out boards

          • Probably not an option at this point
        • Change drive strength down

          • Reduce ringing?
        • Slower rise times + slower clock speed

        • Probably running at 50kHz

          • Raised by negotiation?
        • Compare NuttX vs ChibiOS

        • During active logging seeing 25MHz on 405 Wing

          • Four different SD card interfaces

          • SPI (25MHz)

      • Beware poor-quality scope probes!


      • Pilot takeoff dz parameter

      • ChibiOS MRo ts-100 gps/compass - compass doesn’t work?

        • Need to get Jordi or PhillipK to reproduce

          • Or get one down to the devs
      • Want avoidance in autonomous modes for Copter

        • Maybe in a point release

UTC0024 - Rover

  • Might back-port message-intervals back into Rover

  • Can get messages at a much higher rate

UTC0016 - funding committee

  • Accepting funding requests for Canberra conference

UTC0025 - Helicopter motor shutdown fixes?

  • Aux switch debouncing

  • Exitting s.bus failsafe leaves some channels at zero?

  • Bill separately talked with tridge

    • Spektrum channel-splitting
  • Need an autotest

  • Deglitching is done specially for channel 8

  • Bill’s the man!

UTC0033 - longitudinal thrusters?

  • So not having to tilt the frame

  • Could this get into master?

    • Tridge is working on something similar

      • Hasn’t read the code yet

      • Will ask for permission to talk about this in depth

  • Another library interposing?

  • Coming up a lot now

  • Vestiges in the AP_Motors top-level class

    • For sub

    • 6-DOF

  • Several more p-controllers?

  • Open-source heli layout coming

UTC0035 - CAN for hobbyists

  • Jani is pushing forward on this

  • OlliW seems to have been offended by someone in the community?

    • Has his own fork?

    • Betacopter?

UTC0045 - perfect tie for contribution of the month

  • Will leave open for a little while