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Dev Call Aug 16, 2021

Issues & Pull Requests





Attendee count (max): 19

UTC2302 -

  • Mav-command for adding EKF source
  • Accompanying PR on the code side too
  • Merged!

UTC2303 -

UTC2318 -

  • C++ library for JSON interface
    • Talks to our JSON interface for SITL
  • Ardupilot example
  • How to use json library in a different language
  • Our Socket APM copied in
    • Second copy to update?
  • Generally a good thing but needs a bit of help

UTC2327 -

  • Another serial-based adsb receiver/transmitter
  • Needs to be build-time-option e.g. HAL_UCP_ENABLED
  • GDL90 headers?
    • Need attribution
  • Mavlink stuff needs to go in first
  • New product line is tso vertified
    • So long as new parts are tso certified you can swap things in and out
    • Configuration held on device itself
      • E.g. callsign

UTC2343 -

  • RPM some TLC
  • Reworked so higher number of rpm instances can be set
  • Extra groups etc
  • Should be mergeable after a few simple changes

UTC2352 -

  • Rst output change
  • Because latex’s PDF output doesn’t cope with tables-in-tables
  • Make a separate which inherits from and just creates rst suitable for pdf

UTC0002 -

  • Add binding for RC_Channel-by-number
  • MergeOnCIPass

UTC0003 -

  • Tridge will compile and play

UTC0011 -

  • Failing to enter modes works batter after this
  • Merged!
  • Dead code removed (the re-enter was never called)

UTC0021 -

  • Corrects angle max in flowhold
  • Merged!

UTC0023 -

  • Add enable flags to parameters
    • Hide more parameters!
  • Rpm and gps commits have to go or they’ll break existing setups

UTC0030 -

  • Make ahrs vehicle type a frontend thing
  • Merged

UTC0034 -

  • Centrifugal corrections become just internal to DCM
  • Merged

UTC0037 -

  • Allowed centered throttles to control descent
  • Moves control to top half of stick
  • Alternatively we could assume descent unless the stick is moved outside the dead zone
  • Copter can only cancel a land with high throttle
    • Don’t want to cancel the landings on plane ship landings as you are tracking a point
    • Just want to pause descent while it is going down (e.g. due to wave coming through)
  • Shouldn’t really be using loiter stuff
  • [10:46 AM] Peter Hall: IMHO more matching between copter and Q plane is better
  • [10:47 AM] Peter Hall: most people are quite used to how copter behaves before they try Q planes.
  • Pilot control of descent rate shouldn’t happen until you move past 90%
  • Flight options bit for Copter which allows you to not abort but control descent rate like this will allow
  • Very high desired climb rate for a moment while cancelling?!
  • Should we consider precision and normal landing differently?
  • Polit_thr_behave
    • Sprung or not
    • Used on takeoff
    • And for arming?
  • Leonard is working on specifications for takeoff/landing
  • 10:55 AM] rmackay9: In copter the param that controls this is PILOT_THR_BHV. 70% does the cancel. it switches to Loiter or AltHold (if no position estimate)
  • [10:55 AM] rmackay9: really the param should be moved to LAND_OPTIONS (which doesn’t exist)
  • [10:56 AM] rmackay9: I also think we need to be careful that we don’t confuse users re which mode they’re in. So for example a battery failsafe could trigger and switch them to Land and we then make it fly like loiter… and they don’t know what mode they’re in…
  • [10:57 AM] rmackay9: LAND_CANCEL_TRIGGER_THR
  • Let’s try the “panic response” 70% throttle thing
    • Tridge will work with Henry to try that

UTC0058 - Plane update

  • Beta5 went in yesterday
  • Ability to fly in vtol modes in DCM
    • Crash :frowning:
    • Large expensive quadplane ended up in DCM and it didn’t go well
    • Compass-learn-3 on a vtol plane
    • This is something that’s been needed for a while
    • Actually flies quite nicely
    • Went into beta5
    • Hasn’t gone into master yet
    • Z-Position controller fixes?
      • Also in….
      • Not in latest Copter beta
        • Only run during throw mode
        • No-descent init
    • Has Copter beta-7 changes in

UTC0104 -

  • Beta-7 is out
    • Build server took forever….
    • Waiting for user feedback
    • Guided-mode velocity control limits
      • Where companion computers wouldn’t fly as quickly as they previously did
      • Limited to wpnav speed parameters….
        • That was by design, but it slowed things down for people
        • Limits have been removed
    • GSF max-changes fixes in
    • Very few crash reports
    • Remaining issues:
      • Copter guided mode takeoff
      • Can’t really take off in guided mode in a helicopter
      • Tricopter in auto mission isn’t going well
    • At least one more beta or rc before stable
    • Another release after tradheli thing goes in
    • Flywoo external compass fixes?
      • Two versions of the flywoo… so more to come there
    • At least two week away for the next stable

UTC0111 -

  • Rover betas are going well
  • Very positive feedback on beta6 gps-for-yaw
  • No canaries will die if we release Rover stable right now

UTC0014 - GSoC update

  • Custom build server exists and is alive
    • Blog postcoming…
    • Case insensitive, alphabetical drop downs
    • AP_Periph still coming
    • No deps tracking at the moment
    • Flash-free-countdown would be cool
      • As you enable things your flash-free-countdown ticks down
    • apj should mention what features you had enabled
    • Cookie should nominate previous build?
    • Donate button?
  • 11:24 AM] rmackay9: Re GSoC, Rishabh has a bunch of PRs we hope to merge this week to add the precision landing state machine and some other improvements

UTC0018 - older PRs to be closed?

UTC0035 - close


Cool to see the custom build server in wild for the first time…

Looking forward to see the upcoming blog post.

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