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UTC1102 -

  • Rover LUA motor driver
  • Walking robots can get control outputs from LUA
  • Example script added which implements Ackerman steering Rover which acts just like the built-in one
  • Get_control_output returns one output at a time?
    • Sync issues?
      • Could get delayed and pass back values in different loops
        • One loop later won’t fuss most vehicles
          • Could see jittering…
    • Randy: this is flexible
    • Tridge: this might not work for a quadcopter or a balance bot
      • Pass in an array of enums and return an array of floats back
      • Get_control_outputs later perhaps
  • Current output interfaces are all integer
    • Doesn’t take into account whether output is angle or range
      • Including different angle ranges on the outputs
    • Could ask the port what the output shapes are…
    • Existing problem where we only set output shape on the first throttle output channel
    • Set_output_normalised which takes -1 to +1?
    • Array of servos is 32-bytes long
    • There are 132 output functions at this point
    • Keep serv function as small as possible
    • Do we need to store output scaled?
      • Pass down and set on individual servo outputs?
      • Servo functions can be set even if no servos
        • E.g. elevon planes take k_output_elevator and k_output_aileron to calculate their outputs
          • Even when no actual aileron or elevator outputs
        • This isn’t a way which Copter would do things…. Wrong layer…
  • Assume scripting only touch scripting outputs
    • Things are going to go bad with get-angle/get-range if that doesn’t hold
  • Randy will be adding get-angle and get-range
    • Range from first channel output

UTC1116 -

  • Change to int8_t rather than uint8_t and can then be merged after CI

UTC1118 -

  • Only left on devcall because it shows where auto would be good
  • Tridge is warming to the auto keyword
    • Used with discretion, auto can be good

UTC1121 -

  • HDOP is unitless
  • Horizontal accuracy is better
  • Check could probably be better implemented as lookin at horizontal accuracy rather than DOP
  • DOP is how pretty your constellation is
  • Accuracy is how good your location fix is

UTC1123 -

  • Tridge wants to look at each block of code
  • Randy likes the structure change
  • Two-stage process of changing namespace then moving the code in a subsequent PR can be very helpful

UTC1125 -

  • Layout save is handy
  • This extends mission-editor to be included in layout save
  • Python2 and python3 testing?
  • Probably hasn’t been tested with Python3
    • Half-way state between Py2 and Py3 ATM
    • This probably won’t be a problem
  • Wxg file no longer needed
    • Tridge didn’t realise we didn’t need the wxg
  • Structurally fine
  • Mission editor and self?
  • Windows?
    • Autolayout stuff work on Windows?!
    • Apparently
    • CI system for MAVProxy will build you a windows .exe to build and install
      • Bit of a lag
    • Building in Windows is very same as the ones in Linux
  • Can be merged after testing with py2 and py3 and under Windows

UTC1144 -

  • Unlikely failure mode
  • But this makes things clear that you’ll only ever have one non-zero
  • Can be merged after testing in SITL

UTC1145 -

  • Same call between the two lines
  • merged!

UTC1146 -

  • Redundant check as we should never have a route when a channel is private
  • Merged!

UTC1149 -

  • Need to test the dead-reckoning
    • Should lock the wind estimate when we lose GPS
  • with/without airspeed sensor

UTC1158 -

  • Com parameters in GPS driver
    • Septentrino
    • So you can choose different ports
    • Interface doesn’t allow you to modify the current port
      • Only an absolute port
  • MdB will add a boolean to make things clearer
  • Randy would like to ensure users don’t get confused as to the purpose of these parameters
    • MdB will update the description
  • Try changing a parameter on each port and check what you’re receiving….
    • Kind of racey against our existing detection code
  • Will want these on uBlox as well…
  • Raise an issue with Septentrino people so we know which port we’re talking on!
    • Or can at least change parameters for port we’re on

UTC0004 -

  • Clang-scan tool found this one
  • Autotest has the ability to run the clang static analyser now

UTC0008 -

UTC0010 -

  • Sid should look at this as he has the Herelink hardware to test it on
  • Possibly the herelink s.bus implementation?
  • Let’s put the EUDevcall tag on it

UTC0013 -

  • Can be merged after the thing is changes to constexpr
  • Build sizes?
    • Seems too much
  • Can be merged after changes made and code size changes explained

UTC0017 -

  • Not much in the way of test reports
  • Throttle failsafe == 2 change backport?
    • Don’t trigger failsafe action but don’t read the inputs
  • Copter has different bits for different failsafes
  • Plane sets inputs to neutral on failsafe
  • Rudder input maximum

UTC0023 - Copter updates

  • Neopixels losing sync on CubeOrange
    • Nah, just getting a little late
    • DMA delay
    • D-shot is not a lot of data
      • Neopixels is a lot of data
      • Timing issues vary across neopixel devices
        • Luis has seen problems between devices from same manufacturer, same shipment
  • Battery monitor in dropdowns in MP may be an issue needing addressing
  • Last thing we need is a new MP release
    • Compass prioritisation table
  • Wiki updates….
  • Friday, maybe.
  • Monday, maybe

UTC0028 - No rover updates

  • Growing pressure for a release
  • GPS-for-yaw
  • Avoidance
  • Backing away from objects

UTC0029 - GSoC

  • PH
    • Oscillation detector / auto manual tune
    • Will be added to all vehicles
    • Need to find filter values for all vehicles
    • LUA-style matlab bindings for SITL-only
      • Matlab can call into C functions
    • Auto-tune a 747?
      • Sr71 never did get a decent tune
        • Tridge does not recommend fitting ardupilot to real sr71
      • Auto-land SR71 never worked
        • Does the autotuner work to fix this?
  • Rishabh has done great work on Object Avoidance
    • PR in place to allow layering of Bendy Ruler and Dijkstra’s
    • Avoid obstacles detected with LIDAR with Bendy Ruler and around fences using Dijkstra’s
    • Coming together with other GSoC project using Realsense characters
  • Already discussed the walking robot support
    • Need to break it into pieces to get it into master so it is officially supported
  • Harshit would like some testing of his EKF3 affinity PR
    • Plane testing
      • With EKF3 enabled
    • with/without affinity enabled
    • EKF lane switching
    • Rovers too
    • More than one IMU required
    • Two-of-everything would be nice
      • Two airspeed
      • Two IMU
      • Two gps
    • Please post logs on the PR

UTC0034 - admin

  • If you’re a devteam member and not on the Discord channel, poke tridge

UTC0039 - Partner’s meeting tomorrow

  • Update to be sent out
  • Earlier time
  • 8am Canberra Time

UTC0039 - EU call tomorrow evening

UTC0039 - close

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