Dev Call April 26, 2021

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Attendee count (max): 20

UTC2301 -

  • Fix for cross-track error in Plane navigation
  • Backport from 4.1
  • To test in SITL, rudder/aileron offsets + wind to SITL and turn off servo auto-trim and path should still converge
  • Not planning on doing a 4.0 release so this has been closed but if one is done it will get pulled in
  • Tridge often creates PRs to backport fixes, marks it as 4.0 backport but then closes it.
  • Not merging them allows us to do a very thin release if we really need to
  • Currently 15 or 20 patches could go in
  • Could create a 4.0-next branch which we would merge all the patches
    • Would we need to support that branch?
  • Current system allows them to run 4.0 plus one patch
  • Currently 38 PRs marked for 4.0 backport to Copter
    • Probably won’t ever make another 4.0 stable, however

UTC2317 -

  • Mavlink bitmask attributes
  • Merged

UTC2320 -

  • Slew limit fixes
  • do not run throttle when disarmed in Q modes
  • Integers still used, which is bad
  • History isn’t a floating point number so you’ve got to move 1us per loop or you don’t move
    • 50Hz means min 50us
    • Separate filter on throttle needed
  • Why do we want throttle slew limiting on tailsitters in forward flight?
    • Currently it’s on for everything…
    • Normal throttle is correct but left/right is not
  • Tailsitter testing showed this up
    • Throttle left/right wasn’t fast in manual mode
  • Try to get Henry to test this one
  • Probably correct but needs lot of testing
    • Spinup when disarmed should still be fixed
  • Better fix for the spinup-when-disarmed is in here

UTC2336 -

  • Limit all turn rates to ATC_TURN_MAX_G
  • Will still slow down for a corner but if you’re going too fast it will go wider to limit accel
  • Will not affect manual mode
  • Rhys’ land yacht going way too fast
    • Sailboats ignore the speed limit
      • Slowing down is a problem
  • Different limits in different limits x vs y
  • Some variable renaming for consistency coming up…
  • Gravity table for world coming?!

UTC2349 -

  • Fixes frames for wind direction
  • Fixes some filtering
  • Moves the logging into windvane
  • True wind is still in earth frame
    • Apparent wind is now in body frame
  • Unrelated hydrofoil has static stability
    • Equilibrium point

UTC2353 -

  • Tested upside down?
  • Flip Copter over and make sure it recovers
    • E.g. yaw control would rotate through 180 degrees
      • Euler angle inputs did that…
  • Are heliquads currently broken?
  • No smooth transition from one to the other is the problem with current inverted flight setup on helis
    • Simply inverts the targets
  • Controls not reversed too

UTC0014 -

  • Param editor on all boards?
  • Dropped fonts so we currently have room
  • KakuteF7-bdshot has it ATM
  • 8kB cost
    • We’d probably be removing them again in very short order
  • Won’t be merging this

UTC0018 -

  • Aux functions from scripting
  • Originally no way to tell where aux functions came from
    • Still no way
    • But we ignored that
  • Merged
  • Raise issue for adding proper logging

UTC0022 -

  • User-defined parameters in scripting
  • Still work to do
  • Probably a 4.2

UTC0025 -

  • Look elsewhere for your data in fixed wing modes
  • Rate output doesn’t include the feedforward component
  • Bug in validator means we’re not picking up duplicate fields ATM

UTC0031 -

  • Mergd
  • Rover metadata fixes

UTC0031 - Plane updates

  • AC_PID is looking good
  • Landing system not in yet
    • Quadplane approach might be 4.2
  • EK3 GPS lag changing in flight
    • Lag increased and GPS was stuffed
    • When pushing into time horizon queue the sample’s timestamp could be modified
      • So we fuse the data
    • Do we lie on the input side or cope on the output side?
  • Vast amounts of documentation going in - thanks Henry
  • Geofence situational awareness in MP is poor

UTC0043 - Copter update

UTC0053 - GSoC

  • May 3rd to fill slots
  • Need to review applications

UTC0053 -

  • 32-bit Cygwin install script fixes
  • Before it was a 64-bit cygwin with 32-bit tools
    • MO did this on purpose?!
  • Cygwin builds for MP now done on github actions
  • Tools/scripts/

UTC0055 - Rover updates

  • Another beta coming this week off master

UTC0058 - small PR for Rover

  • Rotating mast sailboat
  • PH to continue to help

UTC0058 -

  • Battery charge state
  • Minor bug to fix

UTC0102 - close

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