Dev Call April 12, 2021

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Attendee count (max): 15

UTC2300 - Conference roundup

UTC2306 - devteam vote

  • Welcome to Michelle and Marco as our newest DevTeam members
  • OMC looks awesome (Marco)
  • Blimps are cool (Michelle)

UTC2307 -

  • Merged!
  • Any dev can add MergeOnCIPass
    • But please don’t outside your domains

UTC2310 -

  • Several reviews
  • AIS support
  • Can be merged outside of a DevCall
  • Peter to review again

UTC2314 -

  • Lateral acceleration limiting for waypoint nav
  • Maybe limit for all rate-control modes?
  • Losing GPS may mean you can’t get home?
    • Ensure a minimum rate?
    • Pending patch for Plane which adds a pitch rate limit based on acceleration
    • Better to get a “why is my vehicle moving so slowly?” rather than “why is my vehicle stuck?”
  • Pete and Rhys will chase up Pete’s solution

UTC2321 - EAHRS rate parameter / multi-backend

  • Needs a review

UTC2323 -

  • New example script for lighting

UTC2324 -

  • Suppress scaling without AS sensor on auto takeoffs
  • In strong headwinds a plane will oscillate crazily
  • Airspeed estimate not caught up yet
  • Tridge would like a method
  • Dmod doesn’t stop the oscillation
  • Tridge doesn’t want stuff in unconditionally
  • Peter has the opposite problem - not enough pitch actuator on launch
  • If this was applied Peter’s plane would be unflyable
  • Scale ss based on oscillation detection?
  • “wind in texas is always in our face and blowing”
  • Flight options bit?
    • Treat scaling speed as min speed

UTC2329 - Plane fix terrain following in QRTL

UTC2332 -

  • Demo’d at conference
  • Realloc doesn’t allow zeroing of memory
  • Mission upload and parameter upload
    • Uploaded into memory using expanding string
    • Can peak at header and know exact size to upload
    • 1300 waypoint mission means a 42kB of RAM
      • If you don’t have that then the upload will fail and you get to do it the slow way
      • Most F4 will be like this
      • Using tmpfs on SD card?
        • Will no longer we atomic
  • Needs a review
  • Order of magnitude faster upload
    • Makes large missions practical
    • This could be important for partners using QGC
  • Would be nice to get this into QGC
  • Mavlinkftp should be a feature of the new build server
  • Tom’s looked at this and will look again

UTC2350 -

  • Remove some features
  • And remove extra fonts
    • No sd card for fonts ‘though!
    • Save 12k by moving to 1 font
    • HW does flies OSD every day and uses nothing but the first font

UTC2357 -

  • Fixes for inverted flight on tailsitters transitions
  • Merged

UTC0003 - icon for terrain alt in OSD

UTC0004 - events interface

  • Should we even chase this?
  • Multilanguage support might be the most interesting part of this
  • Surprisingly small patch
  • Need to talk with MO to see how this might achieve i18n
  • The component information protocol is a real problem

UTC0022 -

  • Fairly major bug in tailsitter support
  • Introduced 2019
  • Hard to tune tailsitters?
    • This is why!
    • Yaw-tuning problems Henry had, probably

UTC0026 -

  • Merged!
  • Moved logging

UTC0029 -

  • Plane update
  • AC_PID soon
    • Supplied tau in log corrupt
  • Landing changes are coming
  • A month away from beta’ing Plane-4.1

UTC0033 - Copter and Rover

  • Rover 4.1-beta is out
  • Copter-4.1 could go out at any point, really
    • Several SCurve issues have popped up
    • Need to address some of them before it goes out
  • Loiter-turns has been fixed in master
  • There’s a blockers list

UTC0043 - GSoC

  • MntEye depth camera seems to be popular
    • Need to read three of them…
  • Applications due tomorrow!

UTC0045 - close

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