Dev Call April 04, 2022

**Issues & Pull Requests"


Copter & Rover


Attendee count (max): 20

UTC1110 - Deprecate MAV_DATA_STREAM by amilcarlucas · Pull Request #266 · ArduPilot/mavlink · GitHub

  • Deprecate data streams?
  • Makes tlogs
  • High cost of sending telemetry in Japan for example
  • Do users want one big knob?

UTC1125 - message_definitions: update message definitions from upstream by peterbarker · Pull Request #270 · ArduPilot/mavlink · GitHub

  • Update message from upstream
  • Merged

UTC1126 - Compass: per instance params take 2 by IamPete1 · Pull Request #19490 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Compass per-instance parameters
  • Bearing too many parameters on peripherals?
  • Can’t merge without size being fixed
  • Suggested change made
  • Don’t want the parameters on the periph at all?
    • Don’t we hide a bunch of them?
      • Yes
    • we probably don’t want things like declination…
  • Separate PR first to minimise parameters

UTC1135 - Upstream documentation update up-to 2022-02-16 by amilcarlucas · Pull Request #249 · ArduPilot/mavlink · GitHub

  • Upstream documentation update
  • Merged

UTC1137 - Plane: Max altitude for FBWB by khanasif786 · Pull Request #19732 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Max altitude for fbwb
  • Why do people want this?
  • Tridge likes the way Copter does where it doesn’t breach the fence but stops
  • Really need frame for fence (e.g. terrain-relative
  • Tridge would like it to work for loiter, etc etc
  • Harder to do horizontally in planes, but vertically should be doable
  • Copter’s actually a bit more nuanced
    • Position control will breach
    • Velocity won’t
    • Guided rejects commands outside fence
  • Tridge wants this done via fence altitude rather than new parameter
    • Bigger margin in Planes

UTC1148 - User request: add new target: revo-mini-sd by shellixyz · Pull Request #20077 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • New target , revo-mini-sd
  • We’ll ask for AUTOBUILD_TARGETS to be added so it isn’t automatically built
  • Peter will add a comment

UTC1151 - AP_GPS: UBlox: configure and log TIM-TM2 by IamPete1 · Pull Request #20335 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Logging structures are incorrect
    • No SITL testing done on this or that would’ve been picked up
  • Looks OK past that

UTC1156 - Update: AP_Periph Hwdef Carbonix l496 by Lokesh-Carbonix · Pull Request #20418 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Probably shouldn’t be on automatic build server in the future?
  • Would be nice to get periph builds on custom build server

UTC0057 - AP_Airspeed: correct metadata for params for non-Plane vehicles by Hwurzburg · Pull Request #20422 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Metadata fix for airspeed

UTC0158 - Tools: add airspeed defaults to vehicle defaults files by Hwurzburg · Pull Request #20423 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Add airspeed defaults to vehicle defaults files
  • We have things like copter-beacon.parm to do this sort of thing
  • In SITL it is nice if things come up as close to the default parameters as possible
    • So it doesn’t come up with features that wouldn’t ordinarily be enabled
  • If you set analogue airspeed sensor it would come up with pin 15
  • Problem with SITL is that it doesn’t use normal stuff
  • Josh has problems with bus and type being in but pin is OK

UTC0204 - Clarify get_pilot_desired_lean_angles and fix limit by lthall · Pull Request #20428 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Clarify get_pilot_desired_lean_angles
  • This function goes back 10 years…
  • Maths is correct
    • Except the implementation of the limits
    • We don’t actually get circular limit
      • We get a distorted squarey-looking thing
  • Need this maths in a common function
    • Move it to control library
  • Need a test for this
  • Is something for 4.2?
    • Probably not 4.2.0
  • Should be degrees not centidegrees in common function

UTC0210 - AP_Scripting: remove original aerobatics example to avoid confusion by Hwurzburg · Pull Request #20433 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Remove old acrobatic example as being confusing
    • Caught a user out

UTC0211 - fixed set_target_angle_and_climbrate's use_yaw_rate fields don't work by khanasif786 · Pull Request #20435 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Fix set target and and climbrate’s use_yaw_rate
  • Can’t specify yaw rate……
  • More education rather than code changes required?
  • Specification in guided is a sensible interface to completely control an aircraft that is diverse and flexible enough to cover everyone’s situations and can provide fast response to get the most out of an aircraft
  • Thrust for vertical control might have utility
  • But Alt-hold using guided?
    • Rp rate yaw
    • Attitude not specified
      • Attitude is unknown
    • Guided message specifies entire attitude as quat
      • And can specify rates to improve response
        • Or just rate
    • If you wnt to fly in something like althold you can specify full attitude and z
    • But there’s no roll/pitch in!
    • If you want a guided messages which is althold then maybe we make a new message?!
      • Probably find a whole bunch of little corners that will drive you crazy
        • Because it’s not a complete message
  • Could this be done as an example lua script where we have an example function which takes target euler roll/pitch and euler yaw rate and produces the guided mode commands?
    • Yes
    • Is this such a common thing that we should provide interfaces for it?
  • We documented some functionality but then removed it in 4.2
    • This is bad
    • Users can update their code…
  • Tridge out together the LUA function
  • Document the mavlink interface…
  • Long-term maybe add more mavlink messages?

UTC0227 - AP_HAL_ChibiOS: use structure for writing out WDOG,MON message by peterbarker · Pull Request #20441 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Needs to pass documentation
  • Needs debug removed
  • Can be merged after debug and documentation fixed

UTC0237 - Fixed lockups on H743 with flash storage by tridge · Pull Request #20442 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Extensive work after a vehicle watchdogged in guided
    • Day-and-a-half of work
  • Good explanation of 68ms bug found
  • Restores buzzer on MatekH743
  • Andy wants to do testing
    • Can’t do testing until tomorrow
  • Tridge is 100% certain the existing code is incorrect+dangerous
  • Andy wants to make sure even outputs in d-shot
  • We can wait for Andy for a day
  • Don’t want a high-value aircraft falling out of the sky without this stuff in
  • Another patch pending which fixes a related issue
    • Re-init of H7 flash storage
    • Re-init message being spat out
    • Should fix the recursion issue
  • Marked for DevCallEU

UTC0241 - Tradheli- autotune fix and flash savings by bnsgeyer · Pull Request #20447 · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub

  • Tadheli flash savings
  • Bill will work with Randy and Leonard…
  • Saves several hundred bytes

UTC0248 - heli update

  • Some users are getting good results with autotune
  • Still waiting on user on fixed-pitch tailrotor issue

UTC0249 - Plane update

  • D-shot fixes
  • Successful “ship” landing on trailer

UTC0051 - Copter update

  • Beta3 went out
  • A few issues outstanding
    • Set_attitude_target message came up
  • Balancebot
    • Weblio
    • Goalposts have been moved a bit…
      • Wouldn’t stand in acro
        • But 4.3 doesn’t stand in any mode
        • Brushed motor with relay?
        • 4.1 change might have killed it?
        • Mot_pwm_count killed things?
  • Blheli-s not working?
    • andy is looking
  • Vehicles falling from sky with all-zeroes watchdog?
    • See earlier item

UTC0055 - GSoC

  • What stage are we at?
  • No submissions yet?
    • Ping sent on Discord.
  • 2 weeks for proposals to come in
  • We ask for slots next month
    • So 2 weeks for submissions
    • 2 weeks for evaluation of proposals
    • Announcements May 20

UTC0058 - partner’s call

  • None this month because of conference

UTC0058 - conference

UTC0100 - close