Dev Call Apr 23, 2018 2300 UTC

Issues & Pull Requests


  • Update


  • 6 students chosen
  • Announce students on 29th


  • release plane 3.8.5 today


  • Copter-3.6.0-rc1 has started beta testing


  • Rover-3.3.0-rc1 has started beta testing

Attendee count (max): 23

UTC2300 - Craig not present for next two weeks

UTC2305 -

  • Board orientation options
  • Looks good to FF
  • These look OK to merge
  • Tridge is happy

UTC2308 -

  • [9:09 AM] To Weekly devcall: FWIW I’d like to use final elsewhere
  • Does final infer override?
  • Should be using override

UTC2314 -

  • Peter will test today and push in if it is good

UTC2320 -

  • Looks good, just need semaphore to pass
  • Michael_duBreuil: I hit it
  • [9:20 AM] (Channel) Michael_duBreuil: I don’t know why config sometimes take an hour

UTC2320 -

  • A few problems crept in with some late-changes
  • Good to go past those changes

UTC2320 -

  • Slew rate functionality in RC
  • Manual mode
    • Passes directly through to motors except for the motor mixing
    • Spin joysticks around and see motors spin
    • Rapid joystick movements can tear vehicle apart electronically and physically
  • We already have servo slew limiting in output?
    • Needs a servo function to use this
  • Seems wrong to tridge to do this on input
    • Auto to manual mode would be a really sudden twitch
  • Put the slew-rate-limit in the motors backend?
  • Would also affect logging
  • Multicopters already rate-limit motor change rate?
    • Ramp-up?
  • No controllers involved in manual mode
  • Slew-rate limit on the demand to motors?
  • [9:31 AM] To Weekly devcall: Makes more sense to be in motors as it might be able to redirect thrust requirements to some other motors .

UTC2333 -

  • Is this a valid change?
  • Make sure it’s not a problem for compass calibration
  • Big lumps of red and green where stuff is moved
  • Some issues need to be addressed on the issue
    • Probably an unrelated check, but should be confirmed
    • Tridge has un-PR-ed changes to fix this sort of waiting-for-nav-checks by doing an EKF reset when on the ground and disarmed
      • Bandaid solution

UTC2338 -

  • Is this OK to go in?
  • Gps location vs ekf/ahrs location
    • Optical Flow vs GPS
  • Still adds useful functionality even if it just GPS
  • FF was only asking why GPS, not AHRS, not dictating!
    • Devo doesn’t stipulate GPS, FrSky does
  • So long as no harm is done outside we should accept new functionality
  • AHRS will never give you garbage data
  • Tridge is thinking he’ll go with the get_position
  • Could always send relative altitude…

UTC2347 - ChibiOS

  • Lots of new contributors to ChibiOS support
    • New ports, new hardware, …
  • KakotF4 Sparky2
  • 16-bit timers
  • New RCInput method, interrupt-driven
  • Efficiency improvement on timers
  • Please test!
  • Plan on using integrated OSD?
    • Need to properly support these boards
    • Tridge has one of these on the board
    • He’s planning on getting ChibiOS support soon
      • SPI-connected
      • F4Light already does
      • frontend/backend split required
    • Tridge’s RTF
      • Integrated dataflash logging
      • OSD
      • Do we rename DataFlash?
        • Flashlog backend to AP::Log?
  • New upstream ChibiOS?
    • Not all of these are high-priority…
    • Analogue stop-pins
      • Two analogue sonars both pointing out the front of your Rover and you want them to interfere with one another
        • HW has a “stop pin” so it stops transmitting
  • [9:58 AM] (Channel) TP: I also vote we rename “fmuv2” to “pixhawk”
  • [9:59 AM] (Channel) FF: Why? It’s not just Pixhawk…
  • [9:59 AM] (Channel) FF: It’s a hardware spec
  • [9:59 AM] To Weekly devcall: PixHack, PX4Pilot, … :slight_smile:
  • [9:59 AM] (Channel) TP: right, but it’s a massive part of our market and it’s considered a class of processor.
  • [9:59 AM] (Channel) TP: those are all “pixhawk compatible”
  • [10:00 AM] (Channel) TP: and fmuv3 can be “cube” or whatever. using “fmuv3” is horrible from a user’s perspective
  • [10:00 AM] To Weekly devcall: It also means we’re not taking sides, 'though
  • 4.0?
    • Reserve for wiping the eeprom?
    • [10:02 AM] (Channel) MdB: eprom wipe +1 :smiley:
  • Add stuff to the document (#8109) if you spot stuff that is missing
  • It would be nice to switch between ChibiOS builds and normal builds with a button

UTC0002 - Randy and Copter/Rover

  • Both betas went out a few days ago
  • Good feedback already
  • SmartRTL needs a fix
    • No control of vehicle until very very late
    • 2m before ground
    • Very last minute
    • Change to some sort of cone?
    • Maybe 10m from ground?
  • Stick-mixing works very nicely on the SkyViper
    • Whether it works on larger frame…?
  • Pivot turns are improved
    • Still slow, ‘though
    • Need to increase the angle-error-to-desired-rate gain

UTC0007 - GSoC


  • Need a flyer to hand to potential partners
    • Cut-down version of existing document