Determining whether Stall Prevention is saving the day

Is the state of Automatic Stall Prevention activity visible in telemetry or logs? It would be helpful to know whether missions are being designed poorly and saved only due to stall prevention kicking in.

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Look at the requested bank angles in your log.

When flying in FBWA at low speeds the effect of the stall prevention code is very obvious. The bank angles allowed will be much less than the max bank angle specified if the speed is low.

To check that in auto, you’ll need a mission with sharp turns and low speeds.

This is not an easy task when reviewing a long flight log. Furthermore, ATTITUDE.roll is quite noisy and it is difficult to determine whether deviation from NAV_CONTROLLER_OUTPUT.nav_roll is due to dynamics, control latency, or stall prevention. Is there a simpler way I’m not considering?

Ultimately what would be useful is a boolean value indicating whether stall prevention is active.

I agree this is a good idea, yes. We should probably add a SYS_STATUS health bit?
If you open an issue on github I’ll get to it when I can, otherwise a pull request is welcome!
Cheers, Tridge