Delivery contactless Flight Plan

Hi there,

I am trying to perform a Flight Plan for a delivery operation where the delivery is supposed to be contactless, and the climb again an return the way back to the home position.

Is this flight plan correct?

In the simulation, when passing the WP 8, sometimes the RPAS remains at that location without moving, and does not deliver.

Does anyone know a generalized flight plan to make this kind of deliveries operations?

Thank you.

I’ve recently added support for the payload place mission item for quadplanes as of verion 4.4.x
See this doc and lua script:

There is more of a description here:

and demo video here:

we could work together on testing this if you would like to



thank you for your response, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Sure, we can work together on testing!

You can contact me by email ( to plan some tests.


Eduard Miralles

Hello again,

I tested with a small VTOLL succesfully 8 times. No errors and everything worked perfectly.

Today, I tested with a bigger VTOL (2 m of wingspan) and I had a problem. The 4 motors starded in the WP before of the WP_PAYLOAD_PLACE, and it went from this WP to the PAYLOAD_PLACE as a multi. Then, the VTOL did the descent and realeased the package at the altitude I setted (10m).

Do you know what happened? Maybe was a problem of not enought velocity and the 4 motors started at the WP before?

Here you can download the log: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Thank you.