Default vehicle mode

Hi there,

how can i set in my orange cube arducopter 4.04 the default vehicle mode?
I wish that the copter can start with PosHold as default vehicle mode.
What i must do or set into the mission planner?
Thank you in advance!

Set your RC transmitter to send that mode. Take a look at the “flight mode configuration” wiki page for arducopter.

There are some issues with this with some of the newer software Mavlink radios with out physical switches as it does not poll the position on boot.

While I don’t see it as being a major issue as checking the mode before take off should be an absolute minimum of any preflight.

However it’s something that has been brought up a few times abs I know it would be a welcome addition to copter like in the other.

i have an Herelink remote controller, there you cannot make settings like an classic remote controller.

It doesn’t help you but Rover has a INITIAL_MODE parameter.

Yes, I have a Herelink as well and they want us now to disable channel 5, but it always boots up in Stabilize mode. Would really like the option to be able to set it to a different mode.

try this, i think, that is the solution: