Dave C tuning guide & AC 3.2.1


I want to tune my quad manually, but since I did that the last time (with AC 2.9.1) the code has changed significantly. So I don’t know if the “Dave C tuning guide” (which I used the last time) is still valid. (I know, it isn’t for altitude hold, loiter etc. but I only want to tune rate roll and pitch and stab_P)

For example, I am wondering if the following statement is still correct:

“Set your stab_P to about ZERO, or if you decide to avoid the jig/hand tune and go for immediate in-flight tune set it to about 3.0 as the code is currently using the stab param in acro mode), a true acro mode would not use the stab_P parameter.”

My questions therefore:

Should I tune still in ACRO mode? Or rather in STAB mode?
If ACRO: Do I still have to set STAB_P to ZERO? Or rather ACRO_RP_P? Or any other parameters?
If STAB: Do I have to set any ACRO parameters anyhow?

Thanks, Markus

Stab p isn’t used in acro now, across rp p is. But the rate pids apply to both. Default for stab p and across rp p are both 4.5 I think. What I’d did recently was tune in stab mode with default swap p, p and I set to zero and uooed d from 0 until high speed oscillation in hand then turn down then up p and I together with same value until it felt locked and no oscillations. Then tweak with flight testing. I then upped stab p and across rp p to get response I liked in the relevemt flight mode. This was for a 200mm quad so hand holding was easy and auto tune didn’t give good values.

sent from my phone so apologies for any typos

Across = acro :slight_smile:.

sent from my phone so apologies for any typos

Thanks a lot, RabbitStu! One more question: How can I tune Rate P and I together with same values? I can’t find a suitable CH6 option. Did you do this manually?


no worries…amazed you understood my dodgy phone typing! :slight_smile:

You can’t do both P and I on chan 6…it would be nice though! If you want to use channel 6, get as close as you can and then maybe set P to channel 6, then try setting I the same after and test.

I don’t think setting I to be exactly the same is a hard and fast rule, but it seems to be how autotune works and works for me generally when manually tuning.