Date and time display on OSD using integrated OSD chip on F4 boards?

Hi all,
Is there any way to display date and time on OSD if running arduplane on omnibusF4Pro board with GPS?

I tried to search and found that its possible on minim OSD.I even tried to search for date/time related parameter in OSD parameters but couldn’t find any.Please confirm.Thanks

there is no such panel in ardupilot OSD as for now. we do have FLTIME though.

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Thanks basti for the confirmation. Should i submit a feature request then? :slight_smile: I think its useful when viewing your archived videos.

i‘m working on a respective panel right now.

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PRs done:

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Thanks a lot Basti. Really appreciate it!!!

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thanks @ninja_zx11 my pleasure. trying to get the best out of my limited copy/paste-type coding skills. always a nice surprise if something i coded actually works :wink:

it‘s in master now, thanks @tridge for merging!

so this will add a clock panel based on AP_RTC. this defaults to acquiring UTC from GPS.
you can set local timezone offset from UTC in +/- minutes (!) using parameter RTC_TZ_MIN. so where i live i‘d set this to 120, meaning UTC +2 hrs.
you might opt to choose other backends for RTC too, see documentation in AP_RTC library for reference.
as per default, it requires a GPS fix at least once to provide an UTC base, it will keep clocking through eventual GPS fix losses though.


So will this panel add both date and time or just time?Thanks.

Hi Basti.
Its working!! Nice to have a clock running in front of your eyes:) I used BRD_RTC_TZ_MIN to -420 as i am in pacific time zone and it looks good.

Now ignore my comment if you think i am asking too much:) Is it possible to add date(dd-mm-yyyy) too?Thanks for your work!!